Kaanekkane; movie starred by Tovino Thomas streaming on Sony Liv.


From the maker of ‘Uyare” movie, Kaanekkane by Manu Ashokan released on OTT platform Sonly Liv on September 17.

Is it possible to sleep comfortably on our bed at night with the guilty feeling of our actions? The Mollywood movie Kaanekkane expresses the guilt of a man, making him feel powerless.

Kaanekkane, the latest Malayalam movie of Tovino Thomas, is streaming on Sony Liv from 17th September.

It was a sudden and unexpected release, and the report says that this is the first Mollywood movie to premiere on the Sony Liv platform.

The mallus were enormously waiting for the superhero movie starred by Tovino, ‘Minnal Murali‘ and then comes the release of Kaanekkane.

Is it worthy of watching? What are genre and plot? I will give a brief idea of all these.
Kaanekkane is a movie by the director of Uyare.

Manu Ashokan has directed only these two movies till now. Uyare was a great success and a theatre release movie.

As the release of Kaanekkane, people expected something big after seeing Uyare, but the latest movie couldn’t meet the expectations.

Bobby and Sanjay duo wrote the script of the movie and T R Shamsudeen as the producer under the banner of Dreamkatcher.

Manu- Bobby and Sanjay combo’s second movie was this. Suraj Venjaramoodu as Paul, Tovino Thomas as Alan, Aishwarya Lekshmi as Sneha and Shruthi Ramachandran as Sherin played significant roles.

Story Plot

The movie highlights the guilt faced by Alan, the titular character played by Tovino, as he hides some facts from his wife, ex-father–in–law, and his son.

Paul, ex-father–in–law of Alan and village tahsildar, was so shattered by his beloved daughter’s death and decided to investigate her death on himself.

Through the investigation, his findings surprised himself as well as the spectators. Also, Paul is trying to get hold of his grandson Kuttu, as Alan married Sneha.

On the other side, the movie shows the perspective of Alan, fighting with his guilt to live and get hold of his beloved ones. From his point of view, the film seems darker as his life sinks in fear and shame of his actions.

The following shows the view of Sneha, who is trying to lead a happy life, but her actions end in some disaster.

She expressed her character well as a helpless pregnant lady trying to be safe with Alan. Although she had a rough life throughout, the climax offers her a happy deal.

There created a misunderstanding among the viewers until the middle of the movie, as everyone considered Paul as Alan’s father.

Still, later it was mentioned as the father-in-law.Suraj’s character travelled in a particular way from the beginning, and in the climax, his sudden change of path feels uncomfortable in the movie.


From the view of Paul, I felt like what Alan and Sneha did to him was wrong. But later, when they went through the picture of Alan and Sneha, the life situations brought them to this stage.

The pain felt by each of the characters are well exposed in the film. But according to me, the movie is not up to the mark as I expected.

The climax could have developed in some other vision and could have developed into a thriller type. I will give a rating of 6/10. Overall, the movie has a rating of 4.5/5.

Hizana Farhath
Hizana Farhath
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