These almond-shaped, dark purple colored olives have amazing health benefits. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Kalamata olives are big and earthy-colored olives. It looks like an almond with a tart smoky flavor and has a substantial surface. They are the most well-known olive assortment. These olives are named after the Greek city of Kalamata. The medical advantages of Kalamata olives can be ascribed to their highly wholesome substance and cell reinforcement content. They are high in cancer prevention agents, solid fats, and nutrients and minerals. The olives have a sweeter or somewhat unpleasant taste and are known for their mitigating properties, which help treat and forestall different diseases.


Advantages of Kalamata Olives

 Here are the 6 astonishing medical advantages of Kalamata olives:

1.Rich in antioxidants:

Being rich in antioxidants, like oleic acid,trysol, hydroxytyrosol etc Kalamata helps to neutralize free radical damages which can cause heart disease, cancer, etc.

2. Reduces blood sugar

Kalamata Olives lower cholesterol levels by suddenly releasing carbohydrates into the blood. This helps in reducing blood sugar levels through a low glycemic index.

3. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

A polyphenolic compound called oleuropein, found in Kalamata helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases. Research shows that it also helps to reduce bad cholestrol thereby reducing the damage to the heart muscle.

4.Reduces dementia

Most people who follow a Mediterranean diet will regularly consume Kalamata olives .this will help them to reduce dementia(memory Loss). The oil extracted from the kalamata olives prevents the formation of plagues in the brain which leads to dementia.

5. Promotes healthy skin and hair

Improves skincare and hair growth

Oleuropein in Kalamata helps to reduce free radical damage and also protects the skin from Ultraviolet damage. Its fruit juice helps to promote hair growth.

6. Reduces Anaemia

It has more iron content in it which improves the production of red blood cells.

Different ways of Using Kalamata in our diet

a. It can be used as a topping in salads/soups.

b. Used as an appetizer with salt and pepper.

c. Can be taken with sandwiches, bread, pasta, etc to enhance the taste.


1.It cannot be eaten raw as it will have sourness/bitterness.

2.Taking this in larger amounts will increase the sodium levels thereby affecting our kidneys.

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