Karnal Lathi-Charge: The Dead Farmer’s Son Looks for Jobs with Qualifications for Training


Karnal farmer Sushil Kajal’s son Sahil Kajal has demanded compensatory government jobs regarding their educational qualifications, and his wife, Rit Kajal, has ordered them.

After the farmers’ death, Samyukt Kisan Morcha also organized a protest. Together with a judicial investigation into August 28, the government accepted two-state posts for his family members.

On August 28, the state government agreed to provide two jobs to Sushil’s families, who claimed that farmers had died from a police charge.

By government policy on September 11, jobs in Karnal will be given at DC rates within a week.

Sahil says he awaits MA history examinations in the final year while his wife, Ritu, is a graduate in business. Their jobs should therefore be consistent with their qualifications in education.

He said if Group D positions were offered, they would discuss it again, adding that the administration had received no information.

In Raipur Jattan, in the subdivision of Karnal’s Gharana, Sushil’s family owns 1.5 acres of agricultural land.

During the lathi charge on farmers on August 28, the farmer was allegedly beaten up by police staff and died that night at his house. His mother, wife, child, and girl-in-law have survived him.

Although there was neither an autopsy nor a medical-law report, farmers claimed he died from the lathi charge.

The Saiyuki Kisan Morcha then also organized a protest following which the government agreed, together with a judicial investigation into the incident in Karnal’s Bastard toll plaza, about 14km from the private property where a meeting of the BJP was scheduled, to offer two government jobs to its family members.

In a joint conference with farmer’s leaders, Devender Singh, who reached Karnal last week to end farmers’ deadlock, announced he would give the two jobs within one week.

According to earlier news reports, Raipur Jattan, a scornful farmer of the village of Sushil Kajal, lies about 15 km from Bastar’s toll square in Karnal.

The protest against Haryana chairman, Manohar Lal Khattar, had taken place by Sushil on August 28. The following day, Sushil died.

Holding the photo of Sushil, said his wife, “He was seriously wounded. But the Police blocked all the roads that day, we tried to get him to the hospital. He wanted to rest.

We have got him home and we have given him painkillers. He went to sleep. He went to sleep. He didn’t wake up the following morning.”

The only evidence from the family that Sushil had been demonstrating where the Haryana Police accused the protests of SDM Ayush Sinha of protesting farmers, whose video was viral.

Shrija Shaha
Shrija Shaha
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