Kiran Bedi on UN’S Presence in Afghanistan


Kiran Bedi is one of the first Indian woman to join the Indian Police Services as an officer. She served a tenure of 35 years and was also the 24th Lieutenant Government of Puducherry.

She is known to also have a talent for being a tennis player and a social activist. She strives to contain an intellect of social awareness and justice. She aspires and pertains to do good for the people of society.

Kiran Bedi advocates her strong voice to help those in need and to mark a change in society. As former police personnel, she believes that all the country’s citizens should be treated equally with respect and diligence.

Yet again, she has articulated her thoughts on the recent turn of events in Afghanistan. To reach out to the subordinates of the UN committee to assist the women and children residents captured in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

Bedi on the situation of Afghanistan

The former lieutenant governor took to her Twitter account and conjured her views on the current matter taking place in Afghanistan.

As per the daily news sources, Afghanistan’s present state seems to worsen day by day. Especially the conditions of woman and children in Afghanistan appears to create across the country of Afghanistan.

The biased and inadequate norms legitimated by the Taliban against the woman and children have led to agreeable allegiance by the locals due to terror and fear among them.

Their forced rule is now becoming a threat to women and children’s safety, security, and freedom.

Bedi tweeted that formal requests from Nobel social reformats such as Malala and Kalash Satyarthi to UN organisations to take action over the state of women and children in Afghanistan can be deemed valid.

Portraying her emotions of a former police officer to the UN secretary-general to formulate a peacekeeping force to help out the individuals in Afghanistan.

She thinks that the presence of the UN in the issue related to Afghanistan is essential and needed for the women and children stuck in a state overrun by the terrorist.

UN in rescuing the women and children of Afghanistan

In one of the interviews, Bedi quoted that the UN role is much needed, considering Afghanistan’s current situation.

She firmly believes that the security council should send the UN peacekeeping force to Afghanistan to aid those in need.

To preserve the human rights of the individuals of Afghanistan until a collaborated government is reinforced in Afghanistan.

Alongside a team of global women, peacekeepers should be sent out to ensure the safety of women and children.

She firmly solidifies that the UN officials should overlook this situation while the women and children of Afghanistan are crying out for help. The assistance should be provided to them as soon as possible to sustain their individuality and security as a part of humanity.

Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma completed her bachelor’s degree in BA public policy. Since a young age, she had a keen interest in writing. Writing has always been a part of her journey to this very moment. Her key area of interest in writing revolves around genres like Fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, social issues and awareness etc. She believes as a writer limiting yourself to an area block your experiences, so always makes it a point to explore new topics in order to gain new experience and nurture her writing. That’s why she strongly resides to be a student at heart and is open to learn new things .



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