Lakhimpur Violence: Farmer protestors Jammed Rohtak-Panipat Highway


After the tragic incident in Lakhimpur Kheri, Farmers protested against the alleged minister and his son, demanding arrest. Nationwide agitation erupted in support of the protesting farmers.   

Lakhimpur Violence
Lakhimpur Violence

On 3rd October car trampled over the protesting farmers leading to the death of four. Villagers who witnessed the incident told the authorities that Ashish Mishra had driven the vehicle.

Massive violence erupted in the area, the clash between the two parties led to the death of four more, including the alleged minister’s Driver. 

The police forces took rapid action to curb the violence and maintain law and order. The border of the village was sealed, and a temporary suspension of internet services.

Political leaders were also barred from entering the Lakhimpur area, including Punjab & Madhya Pradesh CM. 

Rohtak-Panipat Highway Jam  

Rohtak-Panipat Highway Jam
Rohtak-Panipat Highway Jam

In response to the Incident, Farmer Jammed the Rohtak-Panipat highway and demanded the arrest of Ajay Mishra.  

On Monday, the matter settled with the government and protesting farmers. A compensation of 45 lakhs will be paid to the families of the deceased and ten lakhs to the injured. Also, a case was filed against the minister’s son in the Tikunia police station. 

Opposition and Government Clash  

Different opposition leaders came to survey the incident but were refused to enter the Lakhimpur area.  

Priyanka Gandhi was denied entry by the police officers when she visited the area and met the victim’s family. On asking the reason why she was denied permission, police detained her.  

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, accused the UP government of prevailing autocracy.  

Punjab’s CM, as well as Deputy CM, were refused to land in Lucknow airport. They were told that it was a necessary step to primary law and order.  

The UP police detained Chief of Samajwadi Party Akhilesh Yadav near his residence in response to which he said, “Voices are being shut down, and vehicles are being run over those who raise the question.”  

After the incident, several questions were raised against the ruling government. The opposition accused that the government is playing with democracy and trying to brush the incident under the carpet by using dirty tactics.

Voices raised against the government is being muffled up, India is slowly losing its democratic spirit.  

No response has come as of now from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the chief of BJP Amit Shah on the incident.  

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath said he was deeply saddened by the incident in his state, which took the lives of 8 people, and strict action will be taken against the murderers.

He also promised to make the investigation as quickly as possible to maintain peace and harmony in the state.   

BJP MP Varun Gandhi said the incident should be dealt with patience. In an official letter, Varun Gandhi addressed Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath that an FIR has to file against the people involved in the murder and requested a CBI investigation.  

On the other hand, Supreme Court said, “Nobody takes responsibility for such incident” on hearing the farmer body’s plea who were protesting against the bill for months.  

As of now, little progress has been made in the case. Farmers are still protesting to get justice. SC said that all three bills had been challenged in the court, and they have found no reason to amend the bill. It also stated that farmers should have stopped their now.  


Mobashshir Iqbal
Mobashshir Iqbal
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