Celebration of the Paralympics, Because it is New Energy


Celebration Season starts now Paralympic finally happened in Tokyo national stadium. Opening Ceremony starts with a glittery way to shine more in the game. Covid protocol is strictly followed by the country to prevent the pandemic. 

Why does this game know as Paralympics? 

It is a game that is based on athletes with different disabilities. Impaired muscle power also includes in this example- Para Plegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, post-polio syndrome. 

Tokyo host twice the time this Paralympic Games 

Paralympic hosts city is Tokyo’s first time in 57 years. The diversity and twice the time of these games. 

The ceremony is set in a ‘Para Airport’ – A symbol of diversity and inclusion and began with a video that depicted the strength of para-athletes. 

President Andrew Parsons and Japanese Emperor Naruhito join the opening ceremony. Six other individuals carried the Japanese national flag during the opening ceremony. It shows respect for the country’s flag. 

Starting of Opening Ceremony 

The glittery Atmosphere explodes with the fireworks shows more excitement and enthusiasm for the games. This light is glowing in the city of Tokyo. Covid time is tough but every precaution is taken by the country. 

Japan’s National Flag first hosts the opening ceremony at the National Stadium in Tokyo. Different types of performers perform their acts and show more new lights in the celebration. 

Wishes from India 

India’s honorable prime minister Narendra Modi gives the best wishes to the athletes for the games. 

On Twitter, he tweeted that “Best of Luck India! I am sure our Paralympic contingent will give their best and inspire others”. 

Indian Players Light

54 Para-athletes will participate in 9 sports events in the Tokyo games. Every player should follow the covid protocols, for safety. enhance their power also for the games. 

One player found out that could positive because he came to touch someone and that person was covid positive. 


Every Indian player wishes to the para-athletes for the games. It is very necessary to be safe and give their best performance in the games. Covid time is going on but life is also going on. Let’s celebrate the new games. Say cheers!!! For the players. Be safe and be positive. 

Mansi Sharma
Mansi Sharma
I am a final year law student who is keen interested in the writing and research. I am happy to share my thoughts with everyone. Writing is not just a art but it is the scenario how to create new world. Being law student you should aware about everything so, writing is just only for one topic is just boring so why are not trying to find new places.


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