Mansi Joshi to wait some more for her Paralympic Debut


The Tokyo Paralympics will see para-badminton making its debut at the quadrennial event in the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Still, ace Indian para-shuttler Manasi Joshi won’t be a part of the games. Ace para- shuttler and former World champion Manasi Joshi took to Twitter to express her frustration and disappointment at not competing in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

She sent out a video message, promising to “come back stronger.” She also stated in her video clip that she is devasted and enraged.  


India has seven athletes competing in the para-badminton events at the Tokyo Paralympics, including Pramod Bhagat, Parul Parmar, and Palak Kohli. Para badminton will be played in 14 different categories at the 2020 Olympics.

Manasi Joshi, who competes in the Women’s Singles SL3 category, will not compete in the Paralympics this year because her pet category is not on the schedule. 


Manasi is distraught as she waits for her Paralympic debut. Notwithstanding the misfortune, the expert para-shuttler vowed to ricochet back solid and proceed with her great exhibitions.

Manasi also expressed gratitude to her coaches, sponsors, trainers, and the Gopichand Badminton Academy for their support during her journey. She was highly stoked and enthusiastic about taking part when the announcement to include badminton in Paralympics was made.

However, this does not put a full stop to her journey. She now has a chance to qualify for the women’s doubles and mixed doubles category. It will be a tough fight as she has to work on her lagging rankings.  


Manasi Joshi is a well-known figure in India’s para-badminton arena. Joshi has been a trailblazer in the sport since she began after an accident in 2011.

In the single women’s category, she grabbed the gold, silver, and bronze medals in the 2019 BWF World Para Championships. She’s also a bronze medalist at Asian Championships, Asian Para Games, and International Championships.

After winning the 2019 World Championships in Basel, Manasi rose to prominence when she defeated compatriot and world No. 1 Parul Parmar in the women’s singles SL3 final. 


Athletes are often bombarded with affection and admiration after achieving good results and representing the country in the international arena.

Joshi said that she was ecstatic, and her life took a complete turn. She had more followers on her socials looking up to her. She has also made her coaches, partners and sponsors very proud.

Hundreds of people now look up to the exceptional para-athlete who shattered norms and stereotypes and is a source of inspiration for many.

She also told her followers to keep in mind that the pandemic is not over, and they should be mindful and take all necessary precautions.  


India was one of the dozens of countries that went into lockdown in March to stop the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Despite the apparent limitations to her daily life, Joshi continued her training for Tokyo 2020 – but in a different environment. 

 She could not practice at a badminton court during the lockdown and said she felt rusty and would have to train to regain her form.

While she was kept away from the court, she focused on improving other aspects of her game; one of them was running. Her training involved indoor fitness drills and wall practice. 

Aastha Khera
Aastha Khera
Aastha is a second-year student at Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in Journalism, psychology and English Literature. She views the field of journalism and psychology as a much-needed duty towards the society and literature as food for the soul. She also has her work published in two anthologies. You are most likely to find her scribbling in her diary at 3am next to a tub of ice cream or adoring the moon with all her heart. Aastha is just embarking on her journey as a writer and is more excited than ever.



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