Let’s take a quick tour of Big Boss Season 16 luxurious house.


Big boss started its journey in 2006. With season 1 and every year it comes up with exciting seasons with amazing contestant from filmy and non- filmy background as well. And this year too Big Boss is coming with Season 16.

And the most attracting about Big Boss is the eye catchy house, the interior and very fascinating sitting areas and other parts of the house. Every time there is something exciting about the house and this time the theme of the house is ‘THE MAGICAL CIRCUS’.

The show will be hosted by Salman Khan who will greet the competitors with his endearing charisma.

Thirteen celebrities are set to get locked for 105 days in the palatial house that is designed by Omung Kumar. Before you watch Big Boss season 16 house on television here is a sneak peek of everthing new this year. Given that the sow is a circus , kumar and his wife Vanita planned to have the house themed around the same. Using a bright color pallete the house looks straight out of a comic book. The designers have also added  multiple elements seen in the circus to get an authentic feel- a caraousel asa dinning table , mirrors in the bathroom and jail designed as a ‘MAUT KA KUWA’. There are also a number of toy animals placed at many corners some as props and some for siiting.







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