Levi’s X Deepika Padukone Second Edition Is Out Now


The much appreciated Levi’s X Deepika Padukone has made a comeback with second edition for Levi’s fans and Deepika’s as well. The collection presents garments from crop t-shirts to denim jackets in different fits, patterns and colours.

The newly launched collection seems to serve an aesthetically pleasing tone and character an apparently different version from the first version. This time Levi’s has designs on summer and one cannot fail to see the outcome.

The cool, breezy, breathable pieces have made summer whole lot more fun. Surely no one would want to miss to grab on one of its garment pieces.

From marbled denim with rainbow hues to tie-dye crop tops it’s Levi’s X Deepika Padukone era to make your wardrobe pop.

Levi's X Deepika Padukone Second Edition Is Out Now

The summer spell strikes everyone because of the comfort spirits that it brings. Whether fun or breezy the summer never fails to vibe along your mood.

You are bound to have the vital spark that comes along the summer days. The summer is conceptualized in a very high class manner with utmost modesty and sophistication.

Brand Ambassador of Levi’s India

Levi’s X Deepika Padukone collection also presents to you some signature styles. It’s high time Levi’s presents its unmistakably amazing and distinguished collection.

The brand ambassador of Levi’s India, Deepika Padukone has an incredible ability to pull off almost everything and anything. And this time the marbled denim jackets with vibrant colours of rainbow and few oversized denim truckers don’t cease our expectations. This adds to more eagerness and anticipation for the future collaborations.

Recently Deepika Padukone also made a collaboration with exclusive Swiss luxury watch and jewellery brand, Chopard. The globally recognized actress seemed to manifest happy, free spirited style.

The brand new elevation of happy style with massive offering of exuberance. The collab was thus exclaimed as “Happy-Style”.

Not a long time ago Gehraiyaan, Deepika Padukone starring movie alongside Galli Boy famed Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa was released on OTT platform.

For this role that she portrayed in the movie Deepika received applause from whole industry. Bollywood is evidently attempting to bring out something that is completely different from the same old, mundane movie plots.

Another Edition of Levi’s X Deepika Padukone

We are looking forward to celebrate yet another edition of Levi’s X Deepika Padukone and we are sure that disappoint will never cease us. The collection boasts a variety of Deepika’s personal aesthetic, exquisite designs and Levi’s is a setting approach in an iconic way.

Levi's X Deepika Padukone Second Edition Is Out Now
Levi’s X Deepika Padukone Second Edition Is Out Now

Forecasting fresh, fun and happy sunny days in bundle of variety of clothing. The very first edition included pieces like nylon jackets, cropped trucker jackets, graphic t-shirts, high waisted jeans and all this in all sizes.

One principle attraction of this first edition of Levi’s X Deepika Padukone was the long varsity jacket which brought comfort of casual style in an iconic Levi’s way. Co-ord sweatsuits, leather pants and all denim jumpsuits are few of highlight garment pieces from the collaboration.

This was Deepika Padukone’s first collab as a brand ambassador of the label and in a short amount of time became a high grossing event. What exactly feels so authentic in this collection is the sense of personal discernment.

One most important factor of this collection us is that it consists of 60% sustainably sourced materials. Levi’s has firm grounds on sustainability and is responsible for every new collaboration with less water technology.

More organic cotton, less water, cottonized denim all of these constitutes to how Levi’s always put sustainability in vanguard. An American clothing company, Levi’s stands for Levi Strauss and Co. Renowned for its denims and other garment pieces as well, Levi’s is indubitably known for its high fashion, modern apparels.

Founded by a German immigrant back in mid 19th century in San Francisco, California Levi’s is still living up to the expertise it commenced with.

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