Lewis Hamilton indicated at extending his F1 career, saying he’s hungrier and more motivated to get Mercedes back to winning ways after a low season  


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton reveals he has fresh motivation to go on in Formula 1 as Mercedes’ troubles in the 2022 season seem to have made him hungrier for more wins and an eighth World Championship title.

Mercedes’ car troubles this season have existed since the pre-season testing, and while they have improved their car to contest for podiums, they are yet to get a win this season from the remaining six races. 

This was the first season since 2007 in which Lewis Hamilton has not been constantly challenging for wins or the championship, posing an entirely new challenge for the British driver. 

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton extending F1 career to help Mercedes overcome troubles.

Hamilton said that he loves a fight and the fact that he and the team have to “pull through that thick slog”. This challenge is what has encouraged him to stay longer and fight for that record breaking eighth world championship. Hamilton also mentioned that he is feeling fit, both physically and mentally, while the latter is a consistent challenge especially for athletes who are always on the edge. 

Hamilton is now 37 years old and has not got a lot left to achieve in the sport, keeping in mind the seven Drivers’ Championships in his trophy cabinet. The only matter that remains is of the eighth World Championship that will make him the greatest driver ever in the sport, statistically. 


Devika Sahni
Devika Sahni
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