1)Lull – Over And Missile Storm – Started Now

The missile strike by Russia on Ukraine’s cities including Kyiv(Ukraine's capital), a strong attack since the start of conflict.


Following several days of silence, Russia just launched a missile attack on various Ukrainian cities. Russia began its strikes on Monday, which were directed not just at the public infrastructure but also at citizens and their possessions. Numerous attacks have claimed the lives of hundreds of individuals. These explosions were heard in Kharkiv in the east, Dnipro and Kremenchuk in the center, Zaporizhzhya in the south, and Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, and Zhytomyr in the west.

How did it begin?

It all began with a bombing by Ukraine on the Kerch Bridge, which links the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, with Russia. And it was viewed as terrorism in Russia.

In reaction, Russia launched a fierce attack on a number of cities, including Kyiv, which it had been attempting to seize since February. However, the Russian forces were forced to retreat, and now Russia launched another offensive that Kyiv had never witnessed.

Putin in response to the strike by Ukraine commented that “Russia is going to strike the energy infrastructure and facilities of the military leadership”.

Why did the war begin when Russia was surprised once more?

The only direct route connecting Russia and the Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed from Ukraine in 2014, is this 19-kilometer bridge. The bridge is crucial for Putin and Russia because it is the only direct route via which Crimea receives supplies of food, fuel, and other items. Additionally, that is how the Russian military enters Ukraine during the invasion.

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How is Ukraine handling the situation?

Since Russia employs air attacks, Ukraine is loudly denouncing Russia and is now thinking about making Air Defense the top priority in defense partnerships.

Lull – Over And Missile Storm

Why does Russia keep attempting to annex Ukraine?

Prior to the conclusion of the Cold War in 1991, when Ukraine and Russia were both still parts of the USSR, nothing had suddenly changed. Putin wept for Russia’s strength and influence after this separation. Since that time, Ukraine has gained its independence, and Russia has grown uneasy about Ukraine’s location as a European nation on its border.

And thus establishes the basis for conflict. It follows Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity in 2013–2014, during which the populace protested and demanded that the government forge close ties with the west. Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian president of Ukraine at the time, requested assistance from Russia in putting an end to the demonstration.

In retaliation, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea illegally. Since a small majority of Crimea’s residents were Russians, Russia was able to take control of Crimea with the aid of pro-Russian separatists and its soldiers.

Putin saw it as a major victory since he intends to make Russia suffer through the winter. Taking control of Crimea is like restarting the war era.

Putin invaded Ukraine once more in February 2022 under the pretext that it was becoming a Nazi state. And after scoring some early victories, Russia was forced to retreat due to Ukraine’s effective counterattack .(Missile Storm)

What does India think of the whole situation?

India recently voted against a draft resolution that called for a secret vote in the UN General Assembly to condemn Russia for its illegitimate annexation of Ukraine. The other 107 UN members agree, as well.