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French President Emmanuel Macron expressed concerns about the level of commitment the future American administration may have towards Europe. 

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, has stated that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revitalized the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), despite his previous criticism of the alliance. In 2019, Macron referred to NATO as “brain dead” due to divisions within the organization. However, he now acknowledges that Vladimir Putin’s actions have jolted NATO back to life.

Macron’s previous remarks had caused discontent among Eastern European allies who felt the need for a strong NATO presence. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump demanded increased military spending from member countries and criticized Macron’s comments as “very nasty.”

During a speech at the GLOBSEC summit in Bratislava, Macron emphasized the importance of European Union member states discussing deeper cooperation to enhance their defence capabilities and ensure their security. He encouraged the purchase of European-made defence equipment and invited European defence ministers to a conference in Paris on June 19.

Macron clarified that his goal is not to replace NATO with a defence arrangement dominated by France and Germany but to build a strong Europe. At the ongoing Nato foreign ministers meeting in Oslo, discussions are taking place regarding Ukraine’s bid to join the alliance and strategies to increase defence spending, as the war in Ukraine continues into its 16th month. This meeting will serve as a prelude to the annual gathering in Vilnius starting on July 11.

Macron advocated for NATO to provide Ukraine with “tangible, credible security guarantees” somewhere between those offered to Israel and full NATO membership. He expressed doubts about reaching a consensus on this matter at the Vilnius meeting and also hinted at the potential impact of a future American administration that may be less committed to Europe, alluding to the possibility of Donald Trump’s return to power

During a speech, Emmanuel Macron expressed appreciation for the current American administration’s commitment to their cause and called for gratitude towards the United States. However, he also raised concerns about the potential consequences if President Biden were not reelected next year. Macron stressed that collective security and stability should not depend solely on the choice of American voters in the future.

Macron emphasized that the United States, regardless of the administration, has been urging European nations to shoulder more responsibility and take greater ownership of their security and regional affairs. He argued that a European defence framework and a European pillar within NATO are necessary to meet these expectations.

While avoiding direct mention of Donald Trump, Macron alluded to the risk of a potential comeback by the former president. He recalled his disappointment when the Trump administration withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, an arms control agreement with Russia.

Macron shared his previous experience of attending a NATO summit with an American administration that did not hold as favourable views toward France. When asked about France’s readiness to increase defence investments if a future US administration does not provide as much support to Ukraine, Macron responded that he cannot predict election results, but regardless of the outcome, France must enhance its commitments, investments, and involvement.

To reinforce this point, Macron referred to France’s recent military bill, indicating their preparedness to meet defence obligations. In conclusion, Emmanuel Macron’s speech highlighted the importance of celebrating the current American administration’s commitment to their cause, while also recognizing the potential uncertainties of future US elections. He emphasized the need for European nations to take on more responsibility and develop a European defence framework within NATO. 

Macron indirectly referred to the risk of a possible return of former President Trump and underscored France’s determination to increase its defence investments and involvement, as demonstrated by their recent military bill.

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