Mamata Banerjee Woo’s the Non-Bengali’s Community


The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, recently visited Bhabanipur, her home turf regarding the Bhabanipur bypoll. During her visit, she comments on BJP activities to woo the non-Bengalis population of that area.

While interacting with the non-Bengalis people of Bhabanipur, the chief minister said, “Bengal will protect Hindustan, and will not allow it to become Pakistan or Taliban as this was the land of Rabindranath and Nazrul, so we all will stay together,” which was a direct statement against the wooing activities of the BJP ministers towards the non-Bengali community to seek a more significant vote in the election as this community makes up to 40% population of the area.

Election Contrast Between Mamata Banerjee and BJP

Bhabanipur is known as Mamata Banerjee’s home turf, and in the recent bypoll of Bhabanipur, Mamata Banerjee has stood up for seeking assembly seat against its main competitor BJP.

Though, the BJP has immensely criticized the chief minister’s political aspect by pointing out her policy as appeasement policy which doesn’t concern the welfare of the local people of the state.

Thus, to improve the political image herself, Mamata Banerjee has projected to use diversity and unity ideals as it would be an efficient political method to clear her off political image created by the BJP ministers and enhance the chance of her winning the bypoll.

Moreover, Mamata Banerjee target backs the BJP by pointing out the BJP’s Pakistan Campaign as an unethical political aspect and a tool to dissolve the unity among people before in Nandigram.

In Bhabanipur and along with this statement, the chief minister also adds that the main peaceful and political essence of Bhanipur and its people is in the unity of all. This statement of Mamata Banerjee paves the way for her to get positive support from the people and gain wider recognition in the election of assembly.

Mamata Banerjee Election Goals for Bhabanipur

To win the hearts of the people of Bhabanipur and further win the election of the assembly, Mamata Banerjee set up the unity project while interacting with the people of Bhabanipur, and she stated the area is consist of various types of communities, consisting of different religions.

Still, in the end, all the people are identical, and thus, unity is what she wanted to maintain in the area for better development and peace. Her statement not only works as an elated aspect among the people but also forms her political image about the unity of the people.

Further, Mamata Banerjee also supported her previous statement by adjoining, “I have gone to masjid; I have gone to gurdwara and mandir too. I go to Jain mandir as well and to Park Street during Christmas.”, which reflects her ideal of unity and also her pilgrimage aspect work as an efficient method to woo the non-Bengali community of Bhabanipur.

Mamata Banerjee Woo's the Non-Bengali's Community
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Apart from this, Mamata Banerjee is also supported by the Trinamool Congress Leader, Shobhondev Chatterjee, who has recently resigned from the bypoll of Bhanipur for letting the assembly seat free for Mamata Banerjee.

The Trinamool Congress leader, in his interview, stated that the chief minister aims to maintain unity among the people of Bhabanipur and that she will do her utmost to not let Hindustan convert into Pakistan or Taliban lookalike country.

The strong support from other leaders and her unity project during the Bhabanipur bypoll act as an essential tool for the chief minister to hold on to position and develop a better political image of herself among people, especially the non-Bengali, to seek more votes in the election.

Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
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