Man carrying gold wires worth Rs 1 crore held at Jaipur airport


A passenger was arrested at Jaipur Airport after gold wires worth over Rs 1 crore were recovered from him.

o A passenger was arrested at Jaipur Airport after gold wires weighing 2170 grams worth Rs 1 crore were retrieved from his possession.

o The passenger had arrived from Sharjah on an Air Arabia Flight

Gold Wires
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Customs officials at Jaipur International Airport arrested a passenger and recovered gold wires weighing 2170 grams from his possession. The smuggled gold found to be of 99.5 purity has been valued at an approx Rs 1,12,20,451. According to airport officials, the passenger had arrived from Sharjah on an Air Arabia Flight.

While scanning checked-in baggage at the airport, two strolly bags of the passenger showed a dark and dense metallic image of round wires. On being questioned, the passenger denied carrying any such items.

However, officials checked the bags, following which, four round wires made up of gold with white rhodium polish were found concealed behind iron casings in the middle of both bags. While the passenger has been arrested, the gold wires have been seized under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.

Earlier this year, on 29th May, another man had been arrested at Jaipur airport for smuggling gold worth over Rs 1 crore. The Customs officials at the Jaipur International Airport had arrested one passenger for reportedly smuggling gold worth more than Rs 1 crore. According to the officials, the accused had arrived from Muscat by Salam Air flight 767 at 3.30 am.

When the passenger denied possessing such an item, his baggage was checked and a clothes-press was found where a gold-made pressure plate was covered by a steel one. According to an official statement, his checked-in baggage was scanned with the help of an x-ray machine, and a dark image of some object inside the iron press was found. 

Upon opening the pressure plate with a gas cutter, a gold plate wrapped by a thick plate of steel was discovered inside the bag.






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