Married Women Hanged Herself To Death – Writes Story With Lipstick On Walls 


Married women in Ranchi committed suicide by hanging herself to death. With the help of lipstick, she wrote all that happened to her on the walls. On the suicide note, she wrote that; she was being tortured and beaten by my husband. He also abuses her and she was fed up with all this and ends her life. 

In the capital of Jharkhand (Ranchi) a woman named Chanda committed suicide. She wrote her suicide note all over the walls. She accuses her husband and In-laws of her death. 

Chanda wrote in her suicide note on the walls that ‘I am being tortured by my husband and he even beats me daily. He abuses me and, my In-laws misbehave with me. I am fed up with this and ending my life.

When did this start 

In 2019 Chanda married CCL employee Dilip Chauhan. It was a love marriage. After a few days of marriage, everything was going well, but after a few days the couple started fighting on small issues and the conflict became stronger with time. 

The relative tried to resolve the issue and counsel them but the situation between them kept becoming worst. The fights became violent and Dilip started abusing and beating Chanda. 

This incident took place around 70KM away from Ranchi, under the Khalari police station of Dakra village. Police collected the body from the suicide scene and sent it for post-mortem.  

After the medical reports arrive it will be easier to judge whether it a suicide or a planned murder. As many cases have come in the past where a murder is being presented as a suicide. 

 Though, on the suicide note Chanda wrote that Chanda was being tortured by her husband Dilip Chauhan and in-laws and thus, she is ending her life. 

And something which is more shocking is, Chanda tried to commit suicide with 2 of her children. But, the neighbors somehow managed to enter the room where both the children were hanging beside Chanda and save the children. 

Basis Of Investigation in Ranchi

As per information, the police have arrested Chanda’s husband Dilip Chauhan and her In-laws based on the suicide note. Currently, the accused are in police custody and the interrogation is done. 

The police are investigating this case from both the angles of suicide and murder. And Chanda’s husband and in-laws are being interrogated keeping these angles in mind. 

This shocking incident where a lady committed suicide and tried to kill her own children along with her has put the locality in shock. Also, this incident has led to a wave of mourn in the locality. 

Everyday cases of domestic violence are increasing rapidly. If anyone is facing any such issue, kindly inform your nearest police station and take the help of the judiciary. Just as this one where women in Ranchi committed suicide.

Where To Reach out For Help

Also, if you know someone who is facing any such issue and is unable to reach the police, do help them and inform the women’s helpline number or the police. You can reach out to help at 112, 100, or 1091.  

To especially report a case of domestic abuse you can reach out on 181. Taking action for your life is better than ending it ever. There is the judiciary to help you and you never need to end your life. 



Abhishek Kumar Soni
Abhishek Kumar Soni
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