Messi or Ronaldo? Who Tops FIFA 22 Ratings?


Lionel Messi- The Best Player

This year, Argentina ace Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain ranked no.1 in FIFA 22. He is once again the highest-rated player in the game. This time, he beats Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo in third and will likely be the most efficient striker in the game.

Robert Lewandowski- No.2

Although Messi is rated higher than Ronaldo, another player is ranked above the United icon in this year’s edition: Robert Lewandowski, who has a rating of 92. Lewandowski has surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo, who was assigned a 91 OVR.

Christiano Ronaldo- No.3

According to an announcement made by EA Sports, Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the game’s top 22 players.

The 36-year-old, who made a stunning comeback to Old Trafford after a 12-year absence, has again topped the FIFA game’s rating list. He achieved a rating of 91 in FIFA22 and has been placed among the game’s top three players.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s OVR has dipped to 91, putting him on the same level as Mbappe, Neymar, De Bruyne, and Oblak.

This downgrading feels unjust, especially after CR7’s debut double against Newcastle last weekend! However, despite winning the Serie a Golden Boot and scoring the most goals in the Italian top-flight last season, Ronaldo’s FIFA rating has dropped. He’s still a goal-scoring machine.

The Top 22 Players

A list of the best players in FIFA 22 has been produced. The players who made a list are among the finest in the game, and their scores represent their skill. Names like Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, and Sadio Mane are on the list.

When compared to earlier games in the franchise, the ratings have taken a big hit. A few Liverpool players’ ratings have been lowered, including Ronaldo’s, reduced by one point.

The Top 22 Players According to FIFA22 Ratings Are

RANK      PLAYER                         POSITION     FIFA 22 RANKING

1                    Lionel Messi                                         RW                                     93
2                  Robert Lewandowski                            ST                                      92
3                  Cristiano Ronaldo                                  ST                                      91
3                  Kevin De Bruyne                                   CM                                      91
3                  Kylian Mbappe                                      ST                                       91
3                   Neymar                                                 LW                                      91
3                 Jan Oblak                                               GK                                       91
8                 Harry Kane                                             ST                                       90
8                 N’Golo Kante                                         CDM                                    90
8                 Manuel Neuer                                        GK                                       90
8                 Marc-Andre Ter Stegen                        GK                                       90
12               Mohamed Salah                                     RW                                      89
12               Gianluigi Donnarumma                          GK                                       89
12               Karim Benzema                                      ST                                       89
12               Virgil van Dijk                                         CB                                       89
12               Joshua Kimmich                                    CDM                                    89
12               Heung min- Son                                     LM                                      89
12               Alisson                                                    GK                                      89
12               Thibaut Courtois                                    GK                                      89
12               Casemiro                                               CDM                                    89
12               Ederson                                                 GK                                       89
12.             Sadio Mane                                             LW                                      89
Despite new players like Mbappe and Haaland, Ronaldo and Messi remain at the top of this list, demonstrating their legacy. Jan Oblak surpasses Manuel Neuer and Ter Stegen to become the game’s best goalkeeper.
Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, both of Liverpool’s wingers, have a one-point decline this season.
Given the excellence of their playmaking on the pitch in real life, it was surprising to see Romelu Lukaku and Erling Haaland miss out on this list. Lionel Messi will be the highest-rated on-field player in the Champions League.
At the same time, Harry Kane will be the highest-rated player in the newly established UEFA Conference League, based on these ratings.
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