Mark Zuckerberg, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) declared that Meta would be launching a digital clothing store called the “Meta Avatars Store” for avatars soon.

Taking the Internet by surprise, Mark Zuckerberg declared the launch of a digital designer clothing store for avatars. The announcement for ‘Meta Avatars Store’ was made by the CEO during an Instagram Live with the Vice President of Fashion of Instagram, Eva Chen.

A Peek into the Features of Meta Avatars Store

In the live, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is heard talking about the different brands that will feature on the platform. From Balenciaga to Prada, the company has roped in a lot of big names in the fashion industry. Thom Browne is also a part of the designer brands included. Reports claim that the cost of these ‘designer’ clothes would be within $2.99 and $8.99.

The platform was a brainchild of the Meta CEO to bring together his dream of the ‘Metaverse’ to stay interconnected digitally. In a statement released, these avatars would initially only be available on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Users, however will still be able to avail the ‘free clothing’ options for their Meta Avatars.

Aim and Ideation of Mark Zuckerberg

The aim behind this project was for users to freely express themselves in the digital world via their avatars and be their true selves. It was in an effort to make these designer clothes accessible to the people but only digitally. Zuckerberg plans to transform the store into an open marketplace for designers and their teams to sell clothing digitally.

The Meta Designer Store will start operating from next week in the United States of America, Mexico, Thailand and Canada. They look forward to expanding this globally and bringing in more brands to their platform to create a wider reach.

Earlier in 2022, Meta took an initiative to introduce 3D Avatars on Instagram and update the avatars on Facebook and Messenger. Since then, it’s been a new journey on Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse journey.

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