Mid-Year Workout Challenges To Keep You Motivated


There are only four months left until we bid goodbye to yet another year of staying at home and wearing masks.

Although 2021 is significantly better and more robust than 2020, we cannot help but admit that the house and the private space of our room are what we keep going back to.

Although many of us have embarked on a resolution towards achieving a fitness goal at the onset of this year, it is never too late for the latter lot of us to start it this season.

As we are halfway through this year, here are brand new workout plans from fitness YouTubers to end 2021 with a strong, healthy body.


Going by the name growingannanas, Anna is a budding fitness YouTuber known for creating fitness videos of high intensity.

Her workouts are ideal for those who wish to increase stamina, gain momentum and improve their strength.

Most of her regular workouts are 30-40 mins in length, with each exercise running for 50 seconds with a 10-second break in between.

She releases workout schedules every week, offering three different plans: No weights, with weights, and low-impact workouts. She also provides knee-friendly workouts and Tabata style workouts. 


 Mid-Year Workout Challenges To Keep You Motivated

Not fond of working out but passionate to sweat out and keep moving? GrowwithJo is the right person for you.

GrowwithJo exclusively creates walking workouts that you can easily do at home whilst watching a movie on the side.

It does not only involve walking but various creative standing exercises that target your arms, abs, legs and core.

With a smile on her face, her playlist is also very captivating. Once in a while, she releases dance-themed videos like 2000 music dance workout or gospel playlist workout.

Though it may sound easy, her workouts will get you sweating in no time! GrowwithJo and growingannanas collaborated to release a joint workout plan this week!

Give it a try to experience the best of both worlds/exercise.

NEXT 100

 Mid-Year Workout Challenges To Keep You Motivated

Igor Voitenko, who goes by the name NEXT 100 on Youtube, is another fitness enthusiast that releases highly effective workouts.

He provides free Youtube workout programs on his website, and most of the programs are designed for 28-38 days.

The workout schedule will roughly take 30 minutes of your day and will raise your heartbeat.

His abs workouts are a burner, and when followed diligently according to the schedule, you will notice results in your body. 


 Mid-Year Workout Challenges To Keep You Motivated

The fitness couple Juice and Toya are the budding YouTubers in town. They provide workout videos ranging from 10-30 minutes.

Although they primarily focus on dumbbell based workouts, they also offer modifications as well as videos with no equipment.

Their videos are very organised, systematic and clearly explain which body part is targeted.

Apart from workout videos, they also release full-body stretch videos and provide information on nutrition and lifestyle on their blog.

Time to move your body

The accounts mentioned above provide regular workout schedules and are applicable for both beginner and intermediate level workout enthusiasts.

Try out these programs and keep yourself motivated and healthy!

Keep in mind that these are only a few Youtube stars, and there are many more options out there on Youtube that provide a variety of effective workouts.

Yatila Jamir
Yatila Jamir
Yatila Jamir is a 20 year old majoring in English Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. She is one of those many tiny women hailing from a small north-eastern state of India called Nagaland. She takes pride in her culture and also shares a deep interest in knowing more about the different cultural habits of people When not using her family as her lab rats to test her food recipes, Yati enjoys spending time on her own watching the Youtube videos of Inga Lam, Alvin Zhou and Linda Sun who makes her monotonous life a little bit better. Her areas of interest include popular culture, world politics and globalisation. Facebook



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