Midnight- The Life-Threatening Hide & Seek Game


Midnight is one of the most awaited thriller Korean movies written and directed by Kwon Oh Seung and the film starring Ha Joon, Kim Hye Yoon, and Jin Ki Joo. Midnight was released on June 30, 2021, and the movie depicts a thriller scenario between a deaf woman and a psychopathic killer and a scene related to a horror hide and seeks game between them.

The overall plot and theme of the movie describe thrilling suspense and an emotional story arc. Moreover, the dialogue and cinematography could also be appreciated as they meet the expectation of the viewers or audience.  

Summary of the Plot 

The story starts between a psychopathic man, Do-Shik, and a woman with hearing weakness, Kyung-Mi, who lives with her mom. The woman, Do-Shik, works as a sign language counsellor at the call centre.

One night, the psychopathic executioner, Kyung-Mi, spots the woman’s mother, who was waiting for her daughter.

At first, the killer targets the woman’s mother, but later, he changes his current target towards another girl, So Jung, who passes through him by talking on the phone.

Later, So Jung was stabbed forcefully by Do-Shik at the back of an empty alley, which was further spotted by Kyung-Mi, who at the end becomes the next prey of Do-Shik’s psychopathic killing obsession.

The real suspense of the movie starts when the psychopathic killer decides to follow every step of Kyung-Mi, for continuing his deadly obsession. 

Review of the Movie 

The movie is worth watching, which describes a good storyline that depicts emotional and enhanced chemistry between a mother and a daughter along with the most satisfactory description of the psychopathic thoughts and actions of a killer.

People who are carving for a good thriller movie are recommended to watch it as it successfully delivers a good thriller scenario with adequate and logical action scenes.

The film provides a lot of suspense and great starring actors who have efficiently described the antagonist and psycho role, which could be stated as phenomenal acting.

This movie did an outstanding job of efficiently portraying the difficult life lived by the impaired people in society and the appropriate description of the painful reality of society.

The real-life examples in the movie meet the audience’s expectation with the efficient auditory elements and the support of the humorous scenes at the very beginning of the film.  

Along with good aspects, the movie also consists of specific cons, such as the film failed to balance the jump scares of the movie, which seems quite overboard at some points of the movie.

Moreover, the movie also fails to provide logical aspects in various scenes, which describes the civilians as gullible and dumb, reflecting that the film lacks realistic elements.

Apart from all of this, the movie’s ending is also criticized as, at some point, the ending scenes of the movie failed to meet a logical aspect, and the ending was also entirely predictable by the viewers.  

Though the characterization and acting element of the movie could be stated as incredible, especially the acting contribution of Jin Ki Joo and Wi Ha Joon is well-appreciated as they have efficiently described the roles of the psychopathic murders and a deaf woman.  

The story elaborates on social and philosophical comments about crime and punishment intense between the main two characters in the movie. In some scenes, the film also depicts racism that society holds up against women and disabled people in modern society. 


Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
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