Minimalism- Why Do People Go for It?


“Minimalist”, “Modest”, “Unpretentious” – Heard of these terms too much in a while?

The Concept of Minimalism has been in vogue for a long time now.

The principle of “living with simplicity” or “less is more” is what defines Minimalism.

Often, Minimalism is considered synonymous with Pessimism.

They believe being a minimalist means removing features, add-ons and knick-knacks and moving towards a simplistic lifestyle.

While others might have different comprehension of the same, Minimalism is not about owning less, for a few. It’s about making space for more of what matters.

The comfort of Minimalistic Life – Why do people prefer it?

Minimalism- Why Do People Go for It?
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Minimalism makes you step back and think and assess your choices.

It is a tool to eradicate life’s excess. It is asking ‘why’ before you buy.

It starts with removing distractions.

So, does it mean discarding what you have at home and not buying new stuff to be a minimalist? It may be for some, but most, no.

If you tell someone you’ve given up on luxuries of life and live with necessities, they would wonder why not enjoy its benefits and richness.

They are right about this. But little do they know, living a minimalistic life can be humbling and beneficial in numerous ways.

Less Expenditure is More Savings

Sacrificing materialistic possessions opens up more fields.

Expenditure on acquisition of articles, sustention and owning the best will end up filling your pockets instead of burning holes.

Save yourself from the debt trap. It’s Basic Mathematics, buy less, pay less, has less debt, and eventually, you’ll save more.

Living a healthier Life

No time to look after your health? No time to run the treadmill? No time for a more toned body?

Finding time from your busy schedule might sound like a task.

The sedentary lifestyle that we live keeps us engrossed in the digital world.

Some people adopt Minimalism simply because of their unhealthy and exhausting lifestyle and daily routine.

They wish to make health and fitness their centre of attraction.

Growth begins with a healthy body and life, and Minimalism pushes you towards growth.

More Time, More Skills

The desire for obtaining more and more ends with Minimalism.

The need to have less money calls off more work which buys Minimalists a lot of free time.

You can spend more time polishing and brushing your skills.

You can spend more time enjoying yourself.

There is more time to think about constructive matters and increase productivity and efficiency.

Minimalists decide not to chase the money bill anymore when they are tired of not having enough time.

If you think your life doesn’t belong to you but possessions, then this is the time to move to Minimalism.

Ease of Travelling the world

I’m sure all of us have been worried about what is happening back at home while we travel and have enjoyed it less.

Travelling has become easier for minimalists.

Often, travellers worry more about how much to carry, how to move and what to take.

But for Minimalists, who thrive on bringing less even when travelling, this has never been an issue.

Clearing the mess

Minimalism- Why Do People Go for It?
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When you decide upon clearing your cupboards, drawers, tables and enjoy more space in your home, is the time you can think of being minimal.

Minimalists have frequently felt claustrophobic with having a lot of stuff around them.

They are ready to clean the mess and get rid of things.

People who’ve switched to Minimalism due to clutter around them want a lifestyle that has air to breathe.

If you are tired of organizing yourself repeatedly, try looking upon Minimalism.

Minimalists often tend to have a healthier body and a sharp mind.

Minimalism is a choice. You get to decide the life you wish to live; you get to choose the kind of lifestyle you want to adopt.

There is no wrong and right with being a minimalist.
Everyone is different; it is just a matter of opinion.

With Minimalism comes more experience and growth, and benefits will get broader, and they will want more- and this is one thing that minimalists always crave.

Radhika Aggarwal
Radhika Aggarwal
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