Molestation of hostel girls by security guard in delhi- viral video


Molestation Delhi, CCTV footage of a PG hostel in Delhi has gone viral on social media. A horrible incident was caught in that video. In a viral video, a security guard was seen beating and molesting hostel girls while intoxicated. In the video, the girls are seen running in the corridors of the hostel. It has been seen that when the girls were running away, the security guard was going to pull them by the hand.


• The girl from Delhi was molested by a security guard. • The PG hostel in Delhi, Karol Bagh.

• Swati Maliwal shares the CCTV footage of molestation on Twitter.

• Police have filed a complaint against this.

It is known that this terrible incident was caught on the camera of a PG hostel in the Karol Bagh area of Central Delhi. Sharing the video, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal said that a complaint about the incident was received through Twitter and a notice has been issued to the police. He asked the police to ensure strict action in this regard. The incident took place on August 13 at Gold’s Villa PG in the Karolbagh area. After the incident, the victims vacated the PG on August 14.

Regarding the incident, a police officer said, “The complainant does not want to give any statement in view of this incident. So legal experts have been consulted. After examining the legal opinion and video footage, the police are spontaneously registering an FIR in the matter. The investigation has started.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Shweta Chauhan “Since the complainant is totally opposed to giving a statement, legal opinion has been taken,” she said. A senior police officer said the video posted on Twitter was of an incident on August 13 in which the alleged victim refused to file a complaint after the police went to help her after a PCR call. However, the caller refused to file a complaint. “It is learned that he vacated this PG on August 14,” the DCP said.

Molestation cases in Delhi:-According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, a crime is committed against a woman every three minutes in our country. Crime rates are even worse in the nation’s capital. Every day the city’s newspapers are filled with stories of women being abused. The incidents of physical and sexual harassment, eve teasing, and molestation are increasing day by day. At least six cases of rape and seven cases of molestation have been registered every day this year, according to dates released by the Delhi Police. According to the data, rape cases have increased by 6 percent this year, and cases of violence and abuse against women have increased by 17 percent. 1,480 cases of molestation and assault were registered from January to July 15.

And now the Delhi hostel girl faces the same incident. This is like increasing day by twitting this incident and asking the police for immediate action. Earlier, complaints were made by the owner, but no action was taken. But after this tweet, police have been investigating the incident. Though the family of the victim denies giving the statement of that day.

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