What does Moto Morini has done to attract its audience in the X-cape 650x


Sleek Design of Moto Morini
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After a long time, a brand like Moto Morini has entered the market of automobiles. With tempting segments of bikes like an adv, a scrambler, and a necked version of the bikes. So now here let’s talk about the Adv which looks quite competitive to its competitors like the 650 Versys, v-storm 650, and triumph tiger 660. I think that it looks like a cheap form of Ducati Multistrada. Its looks are so new and mesmerizing. What moto Morini has done here is give its riders an epic experience for choosing moto Morini here by giving their riders a keyless motoring experience. They are offering many more features which are so aggressive in the market.

Let’s come specs that Moto Morini here offers to the X-cape 650x. The wheelbase of the X-cape 650x is 1490mm which is quite shorter than the Multistrada 950 and inches bigger than the Versys 650. They consist of spoke wheels and which is 19inch in the front and 17 inches in the back. It must be a tube with a tubeless experience of motoring like v-storm 650.

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Engine Power Of Moto Morini X-Cape 650x

When it comes to the engine it has an Inline Twin Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engine, 4-stroke, DOHC, 8-Values. Which produces 60 horsepower at 8250rpm and 54Nm at 7000rpm. It has a tank capacity of 18 liters. Which is quite an okay feature. Compared to its pricing. Its has a nice instrument cluster that is fully digital with Bluetooth connectivity.

Now let us come to suspensions and braking departments so here we have an inverted twin shock suspension which is mainly “Adjustable” in the front and in the rear it has a single shock absorber adjustable in preload and rebound damping. When we come to the breaks we have a double floating disc, diameter 298 mm, four pistons caliper in the front, and in the rear, we have a single disc, diameter 255 mm, double piston caliper.

All of the specs might be pleasing, to sum up, the amount that Moto Morini claims so this must be. A deal breaker for people who are trying to the higher cc category. Even though it has its negatives and positives let’s leave it to your idea whether it’s the best package or not.

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