No Modi Modi No Rahul Rahul in Gujarat


Less campaign noise: Gujarat
The audience is mute during this one and only attack by the leaders even at public gatherings there is
little enthusiasm.

In the Gujarat elections

This time, only the leaders are speaking. Public silence is present. Even public
Meetings are generally not as lively as they once were. People are often not as excited about elections as
They once were. People leave their homes when a large convoy of cars passes by, even in the rural, yet it
doesn’t appear like elections are taking place in the metropolis.

Additionally, there aren’t as many posters and banners as there formerly were in Gujarat or another state. There are only two possibilities for the public’s lack of response, or rather, enthusiasm. Either people have made up their minds about who to support or they are upset and frustrated with the hype surrounding this election. unable to solve any problems. This is the reason why the BJP, which formerly felt certain in its ability to win, is now less so.

No Modi Modi No Rahul Rahul in Gujarat

It appears that Congress felt it was no longer necessary to run for state-level government. In the Lok
Sabha elections of 2024, They will showcase their achievements. The Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi
has also diminished significantly as a result of the state elections. Additionally, his goals won’t become
evident until after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

According to political experts, Congress and all other opposition parties want to move on with the goal
of limiting the BJP to 250 seats rather than entirely defeating it in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Because of where the BJP is at right now, it is impossible to keep it between 100 and 150. Yes, the 250-seat restriction can have a wide range of effects.

The opposition wants to advance in order to accomplish such ambitious objectives. Because it is
abundantly evident that the BJP has every single Lok Sabha seat in the states in question, there are slim
chances of achieving this outcome this time. Even if the opponent loses two, two, three, or three seats,
their chances of succeeding in their goal rise.
On a three-day journey, PM Modi also stopped in Gujarat, where he attended a number of public events.
In terms of Gujarat, there is greater conflict than ever between all parties.

Whether BJP, Congress, or AAP. Early BJP candidates used to be confident about winning. Not this time, though. Similar to Bihar, Caste math permeated every aspect of this election. This time, castes alone will cast ballots and Instead of parties, determine whether a candidate will win or lose.

This much is seen to be certain neither the AAP nor the Congress party would be able to form the
government. Overall, nobody anticipates a large victory. The actual cause of the public’s silence won’t
It won’t become clear until the election results are announced on December 8, though.


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