Nomads are being exploited under the Public Space Protection Order


Records from the nomads state that officers are exploiting them under the Public Space Protection Order. It is witnessed that the officers are misusing the PSP order on nomads.

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England: The Public Space Protection Order was enacted to avoid crime rates and prevent unnecessary social behavior. This PSP applies to anti-social behavior or leaving belongings on streets or pavements, and carries a fine of up to 1,000 pounds.

A recent study conducted at Sheffield Hallam University identified that many officers were found to be misleading about the PSP order, which adversely affected the lives of nomads.

Nomads are people who have no permanent shelter. They live in small tents or camps in the streets. Exploiting the nomads is a crucial activity done by officials.

There are witnesses revealing the fact that the Public Space Protection Order was used beyond the limit. In order to avoid this, officers should be made familiar with the regulations of the PSP order and given proper training on how to implement them.

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As the research by Sheffield Hallam University focused on the nomads, they found many victims affected by the officials. The research lasted for a year, during which they interviewed more than 52 nomads living on the streets.

The study was carried out across 10 regions in England and Wales, where they recorded the rate of penalties issued was higher compared to other regions.

It was reported by the nomads that they were falsely accused of being involved in anti-social activities. But in reality, they were just residing on roads.  

Another nomad from the East Midlands stated that they were forced to leave their tents while sleeping. They were also moved away from sitting to beg in one place. 

Apart from this, nomads were allegedly described as criminals for drinking on the streets, whereas the students who were drinking on the streets were left unnoticed.

This shows that officers were biased in reporting the crime. Any act that is regulated should be proactive.

But in this case, police officers were found to be reactive in targeting the nomads living on the streets. Reports also say that some nomads were physically abused by police officials.

It is the duty of the government to look into the exploitation caused by police officials. No human being should be deprived. Exploiting humans is a crime.

Thus, proper guidance and training should be implemented for the police officials to avoid these crimes.

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