Over 2000 covid-19 cases are stamped in India


According to the Union Health Ministry, the current number of COVID-19 cases increased to 15,873, while the total number of COVID-19 cases across India is 4,30,57,545. Over 5 lakh patience are dead in total. For five consecutive days, India has been marking over two thousand corona cases daily. This situation raises the tension among the people. Within the last 24 hours, 44 COVID patients have been reported as dead.

The capital city reports 1,094 new COVID cases and the government urges people to wear masks to avoid more critical and emergency situations. A COVID-19 test was conducted at IIT Chennai a few days ago. A report by Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said that twelve out of 18 people were tested positively. The Tamil Nadu government said that wearing masks is compulsory. If anybody fails to follow the rules, they will be punished with a fine. The Tamil Nadu government will also have a meeting with the Health Ministry on Monday, April 25th, regarding the spread of the coronavirus. The state of Uttar Pradesh has reported 213 new COVID cases on the 24th of April, 2022.

Positivity rate

The current COVID cases, according to the Health Ministry, account for 0.04 percent of the total infection in the country. It is recorded that 0.59% is the daily positivity rate, and the weekly positivity rate marks an average of 0.54%. India has an additional 1 million cases added when compared with last year’s record.

Maharashtra had the highest number of COVID cases in a single day.

The State Health Department of Maharashtra stated that it has marked 194 new cases, which is the highest in a day after the 25th of March. Among the districts of the state, Mumbai has recorded the highest number of cases, with 72 patients in a day. The corona positivity rate has reached almost 10%. Meanwhile, the recovery rate in Maharashtra is reported to be 98.11%. Over 8 million tests are taken since the wide spread of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the City of Dawn, Puducherry, has been maintaining the spread of malicious viruses, but the chain breaks as 3 new COVID-19 cases are recorded on the 24th of April.

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