Pak PM bends to debate on t.v. with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India


Pak PM’s call for debate.  

It was said by the Pak PM Imran Khan on Tuesday that he would like to have a TV debate with Indian counterpart Narendra Modi for resolving differences between the two neighbouring countries. 

He made a point that,  Russia’s state-run television network RT on the eve of his two-day visit to Moscow in over two decades – during which he would talk with President Vladimir Putin and be concerned about exchanging views on major regional and international issues. 

Meanwhile, he asserted to debate with Narendra Modi on TV. He replayed to him in response to a question asked to him. 

To propagate his agenda he added that it would be so good for over a billion people in both countries if differences between Pakistan and India could be resolved through a debate. Despite this, he could have asked for instituting a farm constraint upon the increasing terrorist attacks from his borders, which Pak PM didn’t do. 

In response to a question asked, he said when his party Pakistan i.e. Tehreek-e-Insaf came to power in 2018 and after which he immediately approached India and asked the Indian leadership to sit down for a discussion and resolve the Kashmir issue. 

In this course, we have witnessed the Pulwama attack, which is considered a black day and the scare will remain in the book of history.  

India’s stances 

Despite all that which was done to reduce the death of the shoulders and putting forth the gesture of friendship by India, we were shown reluctance. And now it is said by him that, it’s regretted that India did not respond positively to his overtures. 

Ties among India and Pakistan nose-dived after a terror attack on the Pathankot Air Force base in 2016 by terror groups based in the neighbouring ccountr and consecutive attacks, including one on an Indian Army camp in Uri, which resulted in deterioration of the relationship. 

The retaliation to the heinous terrorist attacks, India’s warplanes on February 26, 2019,  pounded a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist training camp deep inside Pakistan in response to the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 CRPF jawans were killed. 

The State of Jammu and Kashmir is our integral part and thereafter India announced the withdral of Article 370 which gave the special powers of Jammu and Kashmir and by dint of The Jammu and Kashmir Recognition Act 2019, bifurcated the erstwhile State into two Union Territories in August 2019. But Pakistan has continued to infiltrate the boundary by their hired terrorist goons. 

India has repeatedly told Pakistan that Jammu and Kashmir was, is and shall forever remain in the Indian Union. It also advised Pakistan to accept the truth and stop all short anti-India propaganda, planning and plotting . 

India conveyed to Pakistan that it desires normal neighbourly relations with Islamabad in an environment free of terrorism, hostility, conflicts and violence. 

Moving further 

Prime Minister of Pakistan also expressed his hope for a “peaceful solution” upon the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and he emphasized that military conflicts could not resolve the disputes and problems. 

Mr Khan also expressed that he was sure that people in Ukraine and Russia should realise the consequences of an impending conflict. 

The President of Russia, Mr Putin on Monday signed decrees to recognise Ukraine’s regions of “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” as “independent”, which resulted in escalating the tension in the region and increasing fears of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin also command Russian troops to march into eastern region of  Ukraine, which the Kremlin called a “peacekeeping” mission in the Moscow backed regions.

Published By: Jaspreet Singh

Edited By: Kritika Kashyap


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