Pakistani PM Sharif invokes Kashmir issue at UNGA, India replies


Shehbaz Sharif called India’s big changes in 2019 in Jammu and Kashmir illegal and unilateral and said they undermined the prospects of peace.

Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif at the UN General Assembly session on Friday said that sustainable peace and stability in south Asia depend upon a just and lasting solution to the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan.

He also said that their country wants peace with all its neighbors, including India. Whereas, India called the Pakistani PM’s assertion regrettable and invoked cross-border terrorism unleashed by their Muslim country.

Sharif called the big changes in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019 by India illegal and unilateral and said India undermined the prospects of peace.

India has maintained the revocation of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the erstwhile state Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories are the country’s internal matters.

Mijito Vinito, First Secretary, India’s mission to the UN said that it was regrettable that Pak PM chose this assembly to make false accusations against India. He’s done that to obfuscate misdeeds in his own country and justify actions against India.

He added that a polity that claims to seek peace with its neighbors would never sponsor cross-border terrorism, nor shelter planners of the horrific Mumbai terror attack.

Pakistani PM Sharif Statement

Sharif also said that Pakistan needs a stable external environment. They look for peace with their neighbors, including India. 

Pakistani PM Sharif invokes Kashmir issue at UNGA, India replies
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He added that he thinks it’s high time that India understood this message loud and clear that both countries are armed to the teeth. War is not an option. Only peaceful dialogue can resolve these issues for the world to become more peaceful in the time to come.

India’s position on Jammu and Kashmir has remained the same as it is an integral part of the country. India has said that it desires normal neighborly relations with Pakistan in an environment that is free of terror, hostility, and violence.

Shehbaz claimed that New Delhi has ramped up its military deployments in Jammu and Kashmir, making it the most militarized zone in the world. 

He said that both India and Pakistan should not waste their resources on buying more ammunition and trying to promote tension.

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