Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Endorses Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday endorsed the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. According to the cricketer-turned-politician, the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is “breaking the chains of slavery”.

Imran Khan made these remarks while speaking at a ceremony to inaugurate the first phase of the Single National Curriculum (SNC), which is part of his ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party’s platform and covers grades 1 to 5.

For the unversed, Pakistan is accused of supporting and harbouring the Taliban rebellion, which captured the country after being ousted two decades ago.

Officially, Pakistan maintained that it wanted an inclusive government in Afghanistan and hosted the Afghan leaders to create consensus for a peaceful transformation.

Meanwhile, a meeting of Pakistan’s security committee chaired by Imran Khan will be held later today to discuss the evolving situation in neighbouring Afghanistan, a day after the Taliban seizing power in Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani fled the war-torn country.

Prime minister Imran Khan explained how Pakistan’s parallel education system has established “English medium” schools and adopted someone else’s culture.

Imran Khan said, “When you accept someone’s culture, you feel it is superior, and you become a slave to it, adding that it creates a mental enslavement system which is worse than physical slavery.”

Khan also launched the SNC despite criticism because it emphasized religious teaching instead of modern national sciences.

All provinces agreed to introduce it except the Sindh province.

Imran Khan has consistently opposed the presence of the US military in his neighbourhood and championed a compromise between Afghan authorities and the Afghan Taliban.

On allegations of providing a haven to the Taliban in Pakistan, Imran Khan earlier stated that the Taliban are not a military outfit that the Pakistani army can hunt.

The Taliban’s quick accession to power in Afghanistan has paved the way for a no-compromise government, as reports said that the Taliban now want complete authority over Afghanistan.

As the world closely watches the developments taking place in both Kabul and Doha. Canada has already stated that it won’t recognize the Taliban as the Afghan government.

Boris Johnson also said nobody should bilaterally recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan.



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