The news article talks about how Paris and Ankara consider themselves peacemakers in the war between Russia and Ukraine at the United Nations General assembly.

Last Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan represented himself as either a peacemaker in the crisis while French President Emmanuel Macron had said “silent” countries in the battle in Crimea are participating.


Among some of the sharpest criticisms of Russia’s military attack in Kyiv, France president  Emmanuel Macron characterized the crisis as a throwback to “colonialism” in his remarks to the 77th United Nations General Assembly on an opening day.

Mr. Macron’s concern during United Nations General Assembly:

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Mr. Macron stated that there is no need to choose between East and West, or north and south, “because, beyond war, there is a risk of separating the world.”

Mr. Macron, an outspoken internationalist who has long worked to put France back at the forefront of world diplomacy, has frequently discussed the war with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it doesn’t seem as though he has succeeded in changing Mr. Putin’s mind about his objectives.

He asserted that France rejects a comeback of imperialism. In order to address this, Mr. Macron added, “We engage in communication with Moscow and also have been doing so from the start of the war and during these past months.” And I’ll keep doing it because only by working together can we achieve peace.

As a result of the crisis in Kiev, Mr. Macron foresaw a chain reaction that may lead to additional “annexation conflicts” elsewhere in the world.

We are all aware that successful negotiations depend on the liberation of Ukraine and the preservation of its sovereignty, he added. Even if there are phony, sham referendums in the territories that have been bombed and occupied, Russia must now realize that it cannot impose its agenda through military force.

France Participation:

France has participated in significant negotiations as a Security Council member, including discussions to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. Additionally, Mr. Macron met with President Ebrahim Raissi on Tuesday in New York to restore the 2015 nuclear agreement, which was canceled under President Donald J. Trump’s administration.

Tuesday morning, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the United Nations, trying to portray himself as a mediating role in the conflict shortly after calling for Russia to return captured territory. Erdogan is a tempestuous commander who has attempted to mediate with the Kremlin since Russia invaded Ukraine.

In a statement aired on Monday, Mr. Erdogan stated that Russia should return all of the territories it has invaded in Ukraine and suggested that the conversations he has been mediating are headed in that direction.

In an interview with “PBS NewsHour,” Mr. Erdogan stated that “the regions that were invaded will be returned to Ukraine.” He avoided criticizing President Vladimir V. Putin for how he had handled the war, but he made it clear where he stood on the restoration of territory.

It’s predicted that this will happen, Mr. Erdogan remarked. “This is the desired outcome. Putin has made some moves. We have already taken some action.

Final Declaration

Although those exploratory peace negotiations in Istanbul in March came to nothing, Mr. Erdogan has established himself as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine. At first, he opposed Stochlom’s and Lithuania’s attempts to join NATO, which delayed their application processes. Putin reportedly effectively negotiated a deal to allow grain exports out of Ukraine with the help of United Nations officials.

Mr. Erdogan declared, “This has been a confrontation that resulted in fatalities.” “The people are dying, and at the end of the day, nobody will win” He would not say who was in a better position at this point in the crisis. Still, he did say that Turkey might play a crucial role in mediating any peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr. Erdogan also voiced criticism of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, a peninsula in the Black Sea. He claimed that despite numerous requests to “restore Crimea to its legitimate owners,” Moscow has refused.

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