PFI Leaders Connection with 873 Kerela Police Officers: NIA Investigation


Kerela Police Officer’s connection was found with PFI leaders during NIA Investigation in Kerela.

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Thiruvananthapuram: National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that some officials in Kerela Police have connections with Public Front Media (PFI) leaders. The exact number during the investigation was said to be around 873 Police officials are said to have connections with PFI.


NIA Investigation: Police and PFI Connection

PFI LEaders and Poice

(Source: OPIndia)

Earlier, during the NIA investigation, some information was gathered, and details of police officers were found when the calls of PFI leaders calls were traced later NIA conducted raids in various places in Kerela.

Later, Some more calls were found that were made by PFI leaders and Kerela police officers during the general strike by PFI workers on September 24 against the police and government for the arrest of their leaders and uniform ban.

Before the announcement of a ban on the uniform, a police officer in Idukki leaked the information to PFI about RSS leaders from the Police data bank and he was later suspended for leaking the information. Later, a female police officer was also suspended after she shared a post on Facebook related to Public Front Media.

NIA investigation
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Due to these incidents, NIA soon started an investigation on Police officers too, and duringthe investigation the whole department was under surveillance with PFI leaders and phones were tapped.

According to NIA low-ranking police officers and some of the high-ranking officers too were found to have connections with PFI. The details were shared with State Police Chief.       



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