Political Upheaval in Mumbai Regarding Saki Naka Rape


The victim’s daughters lean in for suggestions to cope with their loss when captured, Mumbai police’s comments get criticised. In all, Mumbai witnesses’ political outrage as the Saki Naka rape and murder case shakes the entire country.

A middle-aged woman of Saki Naka, Mumbai, was raped and then brutally murdered with an iron rod inserted in her privates that reached her abdomen.

After their arrival, the police saw the woman lying in a pool of her blood and immediately rushed her to Rajawadi hospital.

What Took Place

In the early hours of Friday, the police control room received a call complaining about a man thrashing a woman on Khairani road. According to the preliminary scrutiny, the woman was raped and then violated with an iron rod in her private part.

The Discovery of bloodstains on a tempo parked on the roadside gave away the distinct spot of the assault.

Though the police rushed to the site, they were too late as the incident had already taken place, and the victim found it covered in blood was taken to the civic-run hospital.

The victim’s condition was already severe, and while undergoing treatment, she succumbed to her injuries.

The police soon arrested the offender, Mohan Chauhan (45), under IPC sections 307 (attempt to murder) and 376 (rape), and will remain under police custody till September 21.

What Followed

A protest was held on Sunday, in the Powai area of Mumbai, by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Republican Party of India.

Two separate representatives from the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the National Commission for Scheduled Castes met the victim’s family. The two daughters of the victim will get around INR 18.5 lakh as compensation.

There are also recommendations for their relocation to a new environment and rehabilitation, including sponsoring their education. Meanwhile, the NCSC has asked the state government to provide the family accommodation facilities and government employment.

Continuance of Political Outrage

The MaharashtraVikas Aghadi government got reprimanded by the leader of opposition in the legislative council, Pravin Darekar.

He said women’s patience is running thin as such heinous acts of violence get repeated day after day, holding the government responsible for its carelessness.

Additionally, the BJP leader stated several such incidents have occurred in the state because the MVA government took no proper action.

Darekar said women in the city are scared for their safety and demanded an action plan from the state government to stop such crimes.

On Saturday, the chief minister of Maharashtra promised a fast-track trial of this case, promising to provide justice to the lives lost.

Political Upheaval in Mumbai Regarding Saki Naka Rape
Image Source: Opindia.com

Meanwhile, the police were denounced by Chandramukhi Devi, a member of the NCW, for stating that the force cannot foresee incidents and be present everywhere crime is taking place.

The police held that they did their best while the NCW member said, The statement is regrettable. Police can’t run away from their responsibility.

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