Polki Jewellery that gets Modern Eclectic Twist with Tyaani


Karan Johar has been a part of our lives for as long as we remember from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Shershaah, he’s always been the talk of our town. Now he ventures into exquisite jewellery.

The actor, producer, director, screenwriter, costume designer, and widespread television presence on reality shows has added one more feather to his cap.

He contemplates creating a legacy as he tweaks Polki jewellery deeply rooted in our traditional festivities in a stylish way. He’s been creating a buzz of his brand on social media for a couple of days and finally launched his brand yesterday.  

This brand aims to cater to contemporary jewellery available at the comfort of our homes, with a vision as a young woman flaunting modern jewellery paired up with the right outfit making heads turn as she enters the party. 

Karan further added that this brand is an extension of his creativity and wants to create pieces that give people the liberty to curate their version of eclectic beauty. 

Premium jewellery has always been a privilege or rather a hobby for the wealthy to indulge for so long.

Neelam Kothari, Maheep Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, to name a few, are Bollywood names whose career equips them with rare contacts who keep their luxury business afloat. The alleged Bollywood stereotypical movie mafia Karan Johar joins the club. 

Polki Jewellery

Jewellery has always been an inextricable intimate part of our lives and continues to be an omnipresent ornament in the traditions of India.

Surat, Jaipur, Mumbai, Calcutta have their names engraved in our history regarding jewellery. With Jaipur dominating the group in Polki Jewellery, this art form remains untapped. 

Let’s dig in the untapped jewellery potential of this artform

Polki Jewellery is a century-old art of handcrafting uncut diamonds mined to create a piece of finesse, dating back to the Mughal era, is now a must-have heirloom for generations to come. 

Polki is an uncut, unpolished diamond crafted in its natural form with zero exposure to chemical treatments making every piece a rarity. It is one of the oldest forms of cut diamonds of Indian Origin, long before the western cutting methods made their mark. 

Jadau, Badroom and Takkar- what are they?

Jadau, Badroom and Takkar are some of the technical settings of Polki, each encompassing a distinct skill set. 

Jadau, a Hindi word of Origin for embedding, is a technique wherein Polki diamonds are placed over silver or gold foil, lending them a brilliant shine reflecting light. 

Badroom is a tulle pattern where polki is placed with 24k gold following the jaali pattern followed by Takkar that involves arranging embedded Polki edge to edge with one another without metal packing. 

How long does it take to create a masterpiece?

Coupled with their distinct skill, each technique requires days or even months to create a masterpiece that sits in the showcase. The Takkar technique requires approximately a month or two per piece. 

Why Polki? 

Polki Jewellery, aesthetically pleasing highlighting traditional twists with a modern connoisseur with emeralds, rubies and sapphires owning a significant portion of the jewellery, makes every piece a rarity to pass on to future generations.

This art form speaks volumes of the rich heritage culture India has been seamlessly carrying a legacy for. 

Guruksha Gurnani
Guruksha Gurnani
An economics graduate amidst pandemic still whining about the farewell that didn’t take place. Unfinished letters, manuscripts, and poems adorn my library. Writing isn’t just a skill, it’s a safe haven after an exhausting day at work. This is home.



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