Punjab Education Minister seeks suggestions from government schools for educational reforms.


Gurmeet Singh: Meet Hayer, Punjab’s education minister, on Thursday, paid a visit to the Government Senior Secondary Schools in Garhshanker and solicited proposals for educational changes from the students.

According to a press statement, the education minister spoke with instructors as well as students. The Minister commented on the occasion, “The education department is the top focus area for the State Government and feedback at the ground level is being ascertained to carry out reforms.”

The education minister also toured the school complex, stopping by classrooms, computer labs, and sports fields. He also discussed the students’ academics with them, besides taking a brief of proposals for educational reforms from the students.

He stated that the educational field is linked to the country’s future and is being altered after listening to the issues faced by teachers.

He alsostated that the update from the first-hand participants and their proposals for educational reforms would help in building a better environment in the education sector.Hayer, accompanied by MLA Jai Krishan Rodi, also celebrated his birthday with the school children on his visit.

Kejriwal’s concern

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister and national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), expressed dissatisfaction with the state of government schools and teachers in Punjab,

Following which the education minister made a visit to a government school and sought proposals for educational reforms from the students for keeping Kejriwal’s word to provide eight guarantees to teachers for comprehensive education reforms in the state.

The eight guarantees include establishing a Delhi-like environment in Punjab’s education sector, regularising outsourcing and contract teachers, implementing a transparent transfer policy, prohibiting non-teaching work for teachers, permanent recruitment of teachers on vacant posts, sending teachers abroad for training, establishing a transparent policy for new promotions, and providing cashless medical facilities for teachers and their families.

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Shubham Somkuwar
Shubham Somkuwar
Shubham Somkuwar was born in 1996 in the orange city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He considers his faith and family to be the most important to him. He has a degree in Business Administration which he aspired for after dropping out of engineering and now pursues a degree in post-graduation in English literature. He is a business aspirant for the stability of mental health and has been through a psychological disruption after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia a couple of years ago. He has witnessed his recovery by attending a paper with a pen and plans to take it ahead in life.



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