Rajasthan: Four arrested for raping female calf in Alwar  


In the Alwar district of Rajasthan, four people were arrested for allegedly brutalizing and raping a female calf. The video went viral in the town leading to restlessness. 

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In the viral video, one of the accused is shown raping the calf while the other is trying to stop her from making noise. Two other people were also present at the time of the incident, where one of them had filmed the whole thing.  

An FIR was registered by Fateh Mohammed against the accused. The four accused named Zubair, Talim, Waris, and Chuna had been arrested by the Rajasthan police.  

“All the accused are in the 20-22-year-age group. These boys wanted to have fun. One of the accused committed the unnatural act while another one held the calf. One more accused filmed the act and another accused was present there while it happened,” Shantanu K Singh, Superintendent of Police, Alwar, said. 

“The accused have been booked under Section 377 [of the Indian Penal Code]. A medical examination of the female calf has been done. The calf belonged to another person who is from the same village where the accused are from,” Shantanu K Singh said. 

The incident led to protests  

The incident has spread anger widely among the people of the district. On Wednesday, thousands of people from all the communities marched in Tijara of Alwar district. They handed over the memorandum to the district administration and demanded strict punishment for the accused in the case. Around 5000 people were part of the protest march. 

To keep the situation under control, a heavy police force was posted. Shops in the area were kept closed to represent the protest. Meanwhile, the local lawyers refused to represent any of the accused.  

One of the agitators present at the district administration’s office in Tijara on Wednesday said that they wanted the accused to be punished strictly. Nothing less than death, hanging the criminals could satisfy them.

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