Rajasthan: Woman kills her 34-year-old husband over a domestic quarrel  


Police had filed a complaint against a woman after she allegedly killed her 34-year-old husband over a domestic argument in Rajasthan’s Barmer district. Police said that the husband and wife were addicted to alcohol. 

Tuesday: A woman in Rajasthan’s Barmer district allegedly killed her husband in the evening over a domestic dispute, triggering panic in the area. Police filed a murder case against the woman acting when the mother of the victim registered a complaint. 

Police said that the couple had an alcohol addiction and had a domestic dispute. They had filed a case against the woman on the complaint of the victim’s mother. They were investigating the issue from all angles, and the body was sent for post-mortem. 

The victim’s mother, Kunti Jayaram, rushed to the first floor of the house when she heard the woman crying. She said that her son, Anil Kumar, was found lying unconscious, and they rushed him to the hospital immediately, where the doctors had declared him dead. 

Injury marks on victim’s body 

According to police, they found injury marks on the victim’s body in the initial investigation. Kunti, in her complaint, alleged that she heard the cries of her daughter-in-law scream on Tuesday evening. 

When she reached upstairs, her son Anil was lying unconscious, and they took him to the hospital. But he could not survive, said added. Ugamraj Soni, Station Police officer, Kotwali, had visited the crime scene, and other police officials had questioned the victim’s family members.

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