Realism In Movies: What’s the Significance


What is Realism?

Realism has been a buzzword among the film industries around the globe. Cinematic realism is not a new concept but has become relevant today more than ever.

There is a tremendous number of movies released every year across the world that try to grab the attention of more and more people.

Owing to this competition, filmmakers are required to engage the audience at deeper levels with the cinematic representation of their stories.

This has led to the ever-increasing fame of realism in the film industry. It is a style that creates the illusion or effect of reality.

Movies inclined more towards how the real world operates, find success in connecting with a mass audience.

Realistic Movies

In the cluster of Indian film industries, the Malayalam film industry, commonly known as the Mollywood has gained huge popularity as an exceptional regional film industry in India with its focus on verisimilitude and portraying real life on the big screen, which makes it easier for the viewers to emotionally connect with the storyline.

Realism imparts details, accuracy, and an unembellished depiction of natural real-life scenarios to the story. A movie with a greater essence of realism tends to be liked by a larger population.

The movies portraying the reality of life on the screens have become more frequent these days. Mother India, Swades, Talvar, Hindi Medium etc. are some of the most famous realistic movies of Bollywood that are praised by the critics too.

They made an impact on the perspectives of the viewers. This style of moviemaking is slowly taking up a major portion of the film industry given the huge success of the concept.

A benefit to the audience is that realistic movies reject every possibility of imaginative idealization and revolve around the possible perspectives of real life. This prevents the audience from making unreal assumptions and perspectives.

Nowadays the directors try to incorporate the verisimilitude effect in the characters and situations even in fantasy movies to a certain extent.

A movie might have an anti-real story arc, but the essence of realism can help the audience to connects with the story and concept of the movie.

Will it Become a Cliché?

There have been multiple occasions when a trend is followed to an extent that has led to the decline in its relevance. However, realism is not a trend that will be demolished to silence. It is a way to connect with the audience on emotional grounds.

On the contrary, realistic movies as a genre depicting unadorned life scenarios much closer to the real world might turn into a cliché if there would be an over-exploitation of this type of storytelling.

As this genre of storytelling is slowly starting to dominate the other genres with anti-real situations such as those high-risk stunts, action sequels, etc., it is changing the dynamics of the film industry and is an integral part of the industry that should be used in moderation.

What are your thoughts on realism in the movies and realistic movies?

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