Reliance Jio is testing 5G in four cities


Jio 5G, superior to Jio 4G, is being deployed in four cities on a trial basis starting from October 5.

The telecom company will send an invitation to the selected Jio users with the name “Jio Welcome Offer.” Customers who get access to 5G will be notified via SMS and other platforms.

Customers who subscribe to Jio True 5G will receive unlimited 5G data at speeds of up to 1 Gbps+ Customers can only experience 5G speeds on a 5G-enabled handset.

As an initial step, the Jio 5G beta trial services are available for customers based in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi, where other parts of the country will experience 5G by the end of 2023.

At the India Mobile Congress 2022 event, executives from Airtel and Reliance Jio successfully demonstrated their 5G services, and also Reliance Jio’s Akash Ambani showcased some of their use cases to PM Narendra Modi.

We believe India deserves nothing less than TRUE-5G and Jio 5G will be True 5G.” Reliance Jio 5G, built for every Indian by Indians, will be the world’s most advanced 5G network,” said Akash Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.

“Jio 5G will not remain an exclusive network available to only the privileged or people who live in big cities. Instead, Jio 5G will be available for every citizen, and all can experience the taste of 5G across India. The main focus of the Jio 5G network is to increase productivity, enhancing living standards across our entire economy and creating a prosperous and inclusive society by impacting 1.4 billion Indians, “he added.

The Benefits of Jio’s 5G

  • Low latency
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Network slicing
  • 5G voice
  • Edge computing
  • Wireless spectrum mix suitable for 5G across 700 MHz, 3500 MHz, and 26 GHz bands






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