Remarks of 4-year-old’s mother on School Form Go Viral


A 4-years-old’s mother’s remarks on school forms go viral after she herself uploaded it on Twitter.


Brooklyn: A 4-year-old Ilya’s mother with a hilarious reply to a school form goes viral after she uploads it on Twitter. The hilarious responses are shown in a Twitter post.


Hilarious Remarks and School form

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It frequently occurs with parents of school children that they are unable to sometimes grasp the rules and regulations of the schools. But not for Emily an American mother of a 4-year-old and a novelist and a writer at New York Magazine wrote hilarious comments on her son’s school forms and later posted them with a picture of her replies on her Twitter account which then goes viral.


A Look at 4-year-olds School form filled by his mother’s hilarious replies


Here is a list of questions, the school asked in the form: –

  1. Socially, one thing I would like my child to work on this term is.   

    Emily answered this by saying: “Not being a popular mean girl.”


  1. “Academically, one thing I would like my child to work on this year is.

     And Emily’s other hilarious reply was, “Who cares and he’s 4.”


  1. If I had to choose only 3 words to describe my child, I would choose:

   To which Emily Picked, “Radiant, Self-Sufficient and Effortlessly cool.”


  1. Is there anything else you would like me to know about your child?

   Her reply was, “You will Ilya, he is such a sweet person that sometimes I wonder if he was               switched at birth. (Then I remember that I had a home birth lol.)”


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