RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has called for political figures to show restraint and steer clear of

On Thursday, Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),
expressed concern that instead of demonstrating strength against external threats, we are engrossed in internal conflicts.


During the valediction ceremony of the ‘Sangh Shiksha Varg’ in Nagpur, Mohan Bhagwat emphasized the responsibility of every Indian citizen to contribute toward the promotion of unity and integrity in the country.

Mr. Bhagwat acknowledged that India has performed admirably compared to other nations during the global economic crisis and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted India’s upcoming G20 presidency is a source of national pride. However, he also acknowledged the presence of various religious and creed-based divisions within Indian society.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat
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The Chief expressed concern over

The Sangh chief expressed concern over internal conflicts and emphasized the need for unity by stating, “Rather than demonstrating strength against our external enemies at the border, we find ourselves engaged in internal disputes. We must not forget that we are one nation.”
He also stated that while criticism among political parties is expected in a democracy, there should be a limit to such criticism.

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RSS chief indirectly criticized Rahul Gandhi

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat indirectly criticized former INC president, Rahul Gandhi, without explicitly mentioning his name.
Bhagwat remarked that the common people are closely observing such unceremonious comments. Meanwhile, during his speech in California, Rahul Gandhi, who is currently in the United States, criticized the central government led by Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi

No Outsiders present

Mr. Bhagwat acknowledged that certain religions originated from outside of India and historically there have been conflicts with them. However, he emphasized that those outsiders are no longer present, and everyone residing in India is now considered an insider.
Despite this, he recognized that some individuals may still be influenced by external factors and it is the society’s responsibility to address any shortcomings in their thinking and work towards their reformation.

Mr. Bhagwat acknowledged that the practice of Islam has been securely present in India for centuries despite the departure of external influences.
He further mentioned that while some individuals argue that there was no caste discrimination in the country’s past, it is important to accept that injustices resulting from the caste system have indeed occurred in India.

He emphasized the need to carry forward the legacy of our ancestors’ accomplishments while also acknowledging and rectifying the mistakes of the past.
Bhagwat highlighted the existence of significant disagreements in the country concerning religion and creed within our society.

Emphasized the importance of unity

the RSS chief, emphasized the importance of every individual making efforts to enhance India’s unity and integrity. He further stated that if there are any shortcomings, it is the responsibility of all to work on addressing them.

Bhagwat acknowledged that while some people argue that there was no caste discrimination in India’s past. it is essential to accept that injustices have occurred due to the caste system.
He emphasized the need to carry forward the achievements of our ancestors while also taking responsibility for rectifying their mistakes.


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