Russian national detained by CBI over JEE cheating case


A Russian national was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) over his Alleged role in manipulating the software of the JEE Mains 2021 examination.

After being picked up from the Bureau of Immigration at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, where he was detained upon arrival from Almaty, Kazakhstan, the foreigner, who has been identified as Mikhail Shargin, was questioned by agency sleuths after being taken into custody by the agency.

During the course of the inquiry, it was discovered, according to a press statement, that certain foreign nationals were involved in compromising numerous online examinations, including the JEE (Mains).

Role of one Russian national was revealed

The statement went on to say that the “role of one Russian national was revealed,” who had allegedly tampered with the iLeon software (the platform on which the JEE(Main)-2021 examination was conducted), and that he helped other accused in hacking the computer systems of suspect candidates while they were taking the examination.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has issued a lookout notice (LOC) against the individual. They added that the CBI was notified by central agencies when the Russian national landed at the airport from abroad.

According to a report by the PTI, the premier investigating agency had booked Affinity Education Pvt Ltd and its three directors, Siddharth Krishna, Vishwambhar Mani Tripathi, and Govind Varshney, along with other touts and associates for alleged examination manipulation in September of the previous year.

Three directors, along with other associates and touts involved

It is alleged that the three directors, along with other associates and touts, were scheming to manipulate the online examination of JEE (Mains) and facilitating aspirant students to get admission into top National Institutes of Technology in exchange for enormous amounts of money by solving the applicants’ question papers through remote access from a chosen examination centre in Sonepat (Haryana).

It is important to note that this coveted examination was conducted entirely online in the year 2021, even though the country was under lockdown due to a covid outbreak.

Earlier, officers conducted searches at a total of 19 locations, including Delhi, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, and Jamshedpur. As a result of these searches, they were able to seize 25 laptops, 30 post-dated cheques, several personal computers, and various other documents and devices that could be used to incriminate someone.


It was also alleged that the accused used to obtain class 10 and 12 mark sheets, user IDs, passwords, and post dated cheques of aspiring students in different parts of the country as security, and once admission was done, they used to collect a heavy amount ranging from 12-15 lakh (approx) per candidate.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)

The Joint Entrance Exam, also known simply as JEE, is a test that is given at the national level and is required to get entry into engineering institutes. There are two parts to the JEE: the JEE Main exam and the JEE Advanced exam. Because the test is administered online and on computers, candidates need to demonstrate that they are familiar with using computers.

The Joint Entrance Examination is often ranked as one of the most difficult competitions worldwide. The level of complexity of the exam is increasing every year, as is the number of candidates who are entering it. Additionally, the number of people entering the exam is increasing every year. Each year, there are more than 12 lakh applicants competing for a total of 11000 available seats across 23 different IITs.

Why do most students who have completed their 12th year wish to enroll in IIT?

The promise of a brighter future, increased prospects for employment, and improved pay all contribute to the growing popularity of this trend. For instance, in today’s society, an IITian can expect to receive a very generous compensation package if they choose to teach in IIT JEE or NEET coaching institutes. Achieving a high designation in one of the most successful organisations in the world, such as Google.

More than anything else, a candidate who passes JEE and is accepted into an IIT receives a great deal of respect in the society. Additionally, the label of being an IITian will follow them around for the rest of their lives, and they continue to advance in their professional lives.


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