Sidhu MooseWala Murder Case: 6 New gangster arrested by Punjab Police.


‘The males, identified as Jagroop Singh Roopa and Manpreet Singh, accused of murder, were found to be in possession of an AK-47 and a pistol after the confrontation’


All the fans and followers can finally have a sigh of relief as of today, in a major breakthrough, Deepak alias Mundi, the primary gunman who killed Punjabi singer-turned-politician Sidhu Moose Wala, was apprehended near the Nepal-Bengal border. According to Punjab Police, the final of the six shooters suspected of being responsible for the murder of musician Sidhu Moose Wala was apprehended today. The Delhi Police had already detained three gunmen, and the Punjab Police had killed two more in a confrontation close to Amritsar.


On May 29, Moose Wala was shot and killed in Punjab’s Mansa district’s Jawaharke village. The incident happened a day after the Punjab Police decreased his security, along with that of 424 other people. Later on July 20, two of Moose Wala’s murderers were shot dead nearby Amritsar after exchanging fire with the Punjab Police. The males, identified as Jagroop Singh Roopa and Manpreet Singh, were found to be in possession of an AK-47 and a pistol after the confrontation.

According to the Director General of Police for Punjab Gaurav Yadav, it was the outcome of a cooperative effort between the Delhi Police and central authorities. DGP of Punjab Police took it a level higher and proclaimed this to be a major victory in the war against drugs & gangsters on the direction of CM Bhagwant Mann.

source: The Indian Times

He further revealed the identities of the delinquents in a tweet. According to him, Pandit and Rajinder supplied logistical support, including weapons and hiding places, while Deepak was the shooter in the Bolero module.

 This murder tragedy can be perceived to be meticulously planned out as the police shared further details on all the gang members included in the case. A member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang who had housed the shooters Jagroop Singh Rupa and Manpreet Singh alias Manu Kussa before they murdered musician Sidhu Moosewala on May 29 has been apprehended by police. 25-year-old Manpreet Singh alias Bhima, a native of Doraha, Ludhiana, was apprehended and had a BMW automobile, 11 weapons, and three rounds recovered from him.

According to the police, Bhima was detained on September 9 at Kharar near the Christian School T-point and an Arms Act case was filed against him there. Bhima, Jasmeet, and Nikhil received all firearms from Pehowa resident Ashwani Kumar, also known as the Sarpanch. CIA Mohali has already detained accused Ashwani Kumar in relation to the case that was initially reported to the Sadar Kharar police station.

There are suspects held in custody in relation to this case who’re currently out of India. Anmol Bishnoi, a suspect from Kenya, and Sachin Thapan, a suspect from Azerbaijan, were both detained, according to the central government. In response to questions from the media, the Ministry of External Affairs stated, “These two men are now in the custody of local authorities. With the neighborhood authority, we communicate frequently. However, as of right now, no remarks can be made on the legal discussion.”

Goldy Brar and Sachin Thapan allegedly spoke on the phone. Lawrence Bishnoi’s nephew is Anmol Bishnoi. In a Facebook post, earlier, Canadian gangster Goldy Brar took credit for killing Moose Wala. According to Goldy Brar, Moose Wala was killed “for revenge of the shooting of Vicky Middukhera,” a former student activist who later became a leader of the Youth Akali Dal.


Indian singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor named Moose Wala is known for his work in Punjabi music and Punjabi movies. Ninja’s song “License” was the beginning of his writing career, while the duet song “G Wagon” marked the beginning of his singing career. In order to run for the Punjab Legislative Assembly in 2022, Moose Wala joined the Indian National Congress on December 3, 2021. The Mansa-based Congressman Nazar Singh Manshahia rebelled and rejected Moose Wala’s bid. Only receiving 20.52% of the vote in the Mansa constituency, Moose Wala was defeated by Vijay Singla of the Aam Aadmi Party by a margin of 63,323.


The tragedy gripped the nation and social media. Youth who looked up to moosewala were incensed, and they urged that law enforcement take swift action and punish those responsible as severely as could. Since the event, the investigation has received all the attention. This demonstrates how his legacy endures.



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