Universities to take up public welfare programmes with innovative changes to their educational courses.

Governor Anandiben Patel inaugurates UPRTOU’s regional centre
Source: India Today

Governor Anandiben Patel on Thursday, while inaugurating Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University’s regional centre in the Juhu area, said universities should start taking public welfare as well as make innovative changes in their educational courses. 

Open colleges hold great promise for those with a lack of access to education. The youth requires knowledge, proper training, innovative technology, and skill development, says the governor. 

Uttar Pradesh is a hub for industrial houses and industrial areas. The youth needs to be trained in fields of skill development, start-ups and incubation centres. Such industries, if provide proper training, can gear up these students to face the next industry challenges. The industry can benefit by recruiting these very individuals. This training is the need of the hour and industries should cooperate. 

The new generation needs more proficiency in technical knowledge. Open universities should tell people how they can be efficient at their work. Like educating farmers about advanced farming, types of soil, and how to retain the quality of their produce. They should even make them aware of their rights and the laws concerning them which can be used for their benefit. Similarly, educating other vocational workers about their rights, and telling them about government schemes and policies that can help them have a better standard of living. 

The governor wishes the open universities to sign a memorandum of understanding with technical industries to make sure that youth who are skilled at technical work also get a chance to educate themselves. 

The Minister of higher education told sources that the field of education in Uttar Pradesh is seeing a positive change. Abnormalities in the education world are slowly being decreased with the bringing of open university education. People are no longer as conservative about the idea anymore and have better chances to get an education as well. 

As per the new education policy, there is a higher need for open universities. Courses related to skill development are needed and open universities can play a big hand in this by ensuring quality research development and project work. 

In this rapid and fast-paced environment, it might become increasingly difficult for the youth to secure a promising future. Underemployment, unemployment, and lack of proper opportunities are all faced by the youth. The only secure way to overcome these hurdles is skill development. On-the-job training, vocational training, and apprenticeship are all ways to improve the chances of getting recruited. 

This way, it does not only benefit the individual to find better job opportunities, but it also ensures the nation’s economic growth. 

Collaborating with industries can help individuals to get proper hands-on experience, while companies can shape these young people in the way they see suitable for their growth. 

At the inauguration, a book titled ‘Ozone Conservation is a Challenge’, was released by Anandiben Patel. Among other things, she emphasised providing proper, nutritious food for women as the year 2023 is being celebrated as Shri Anna Varsha in India.

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