Sonali Phogat Case: was her death a tragedy?


On the 23rd of August, the internet saw an uproar after the news of a 42-year-old; actor, politician, and Instagram star’s death surfaced.

sonali phogat

Sonali Phogat, a BJP politician, actor, and influencer from Haryana died in North Goa’s village Anjuna. The Anjuna Police had registered an unnatural death case. Last Wednesday, her body was shifted, to Goa Medical College in Bambolim for autopsy.


It is said, that Goa Police did not start the investigation at first, so the autopsy was delayed, and the family could’ve left but couldn’t. The Goa police said they were not inquiring further as the family kept insisting on filing a murder case first, and they cannot do so without evidence.


Director General of Police (DGP) Jaspal Singh said, “She had been to Curlies, a beach shack, at Anjuna before she came back to the hotel complaining of uneasiness. No foul play was found through the initial investigation”.


Sonali Phogat’s sister, Sudesh Devi, mentioned she spoke to her mom hours before her death and said something was mixed in her food and something was being planned behind her back.

Rinku Dhaka on Sonali Phogat’s case.


Her brother, Rinku Dhaka, claimed that things from Phogat’s farmhouse in Hisar were stolen like laptops, CCTV cameras, etc. He said, this was all related to her money and property, a theft took place last year and she found that Sudhir was behind it when she was in Goa and was about to file a complaint. He is also convinced that his sister’s death was pre-planned.


Dhaka added, that three years ago she was sexually assaulted by one of her aides, and was blackmailed later.


It was said that she died of a heart attack, but the course changed when the post-mortem result stated multiple blunt injuries on her body.


Goa’s Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, said that a detailed investigation into Phogat’s death will be conducted.


Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh, were arressted in connection with Phogat’s muder case. Allegedly, Sudhir confessed that he was the one who spiked her drink while they were partying at a shack. 


Sudhir Sangwan was the personal assistant of Sonali Phogat. CCTV  footage showing Phogat staggering out of the restaurant with the help of her assistant came to light after her untimely death.


A 2-person team of Goa Police went to Phogat’s farmhouse on Sirsa road, Hisar. There they spoke to her daughter, Yashodhara, her mother, Santosh Rani, and her sister, Sudesh Devi, and recorded their statements. 

India Today’s Special Investigation Team exposed Goa’s dark side.


Former Head of Anjuna’s Panchayat, Patrick Savio Almeida, told India Today’s Special Investigation Team that Curlies continues to operate as a haven for drug consumption despite complaints of substance abuse.


He further added that he had received complaints that the waiters there were selling drugs to young people.


He also insisted that there was a drug lobby there that was growing, and no action was being taken. 


The Curlies is the same shack that was in the headlines 14 years ago, with the Keeling case, according to her allegedly she had visited this shack just before getting to the spot where she was assaulted and left to die.


When the team asked the manager of Curlies, why don’t call the police and report drug use? He mentioned that families too come to Curlies


Another drug peddler, Chinna, was found at Baga Beach. He said he supplies drugs like LSD, MDMA, and ganja to Goa’s tourist spots and restaurants, including curlies. He also admitted that he also supplies the contraband on Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and up to Anjuna beaches.


Phogat was the National Vice President of BJP’s Mahila Morcha. She also stood against Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi in assembly elections in 2019.


Vanshika Raigaga
Vanshika Raigaga
Currently pursuing B.A.M.M.C. Looking forward to bringing more stories to light.


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