Spate of cybercrime Attacks grip PAKISTANI financial capital Karachi


KARACHI: Cybercrime has engulfed Pakistan’s financial hub Karachi, which began with an online debit card scam that affected many consumers from three private banks with strange activities just before Eid ul Fitr.

This is one of a number of online debit card scams that have been discovered in Karachi. According to ARY News, many impacted clients from three private banks have notified their respective banks about the scam.

The affected citizens have also filed complaints with the Federal Investigation Agency cybercrime unit (FIA). Officials stated that determining the exact number of persons victimized by the online scam is difficult.

An additional session judge in Gujranwala had lost money from his bank account due to cyber fraud earlier in January. According to the FIA’s cybercrime unit, the judge received a call from the accused, who pretended to be a bank official and demanded information about his bank account.

According to the news channel, the accused, Abbass, Hashim, and Abdul Shakoor, taken Rs 500,000 from the bank account of the additional session judge after receiving information.

After obtaining the information, the FIA initiated action. The three suspects were arrested and a fraud case was filed against them after the FIA cybercrime wing acted on the allegation.

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