Stamp Merchant Captured in Counterfeit Challans Trick


VIJAYAWADA: The Krishna locale police have captured stamp merchant Ram Dhiraj in the phoney challans trick in the Mandavalli sub-enlistment centre office and recuperated Rs 1.02 crore.

Krishna region SP Siddhartha Kaushal said Mandavalli joint sub-enlistment centre Subramanyam stopped an objection about utilizing fake challans in the sub-recorder office.

Record essayist Medipalli Ram Dheeraj paid just 15,92,158 for enrollment of 568 reports through 640 fake challans against the first measure of Rs 2,68,04,943, which brought about an income loss of Rs 2,52,12,785 to the public authority.

The SP said the two denounced had paid just Rs 1,981 through seven challans against the first measure of Rs 1,55,800 and submitted fake challans for enrollments.

Comparative cheating was enrolled in the enlistment of archives. Dhiraj was captured from Lokumudi town. His dad was likewise a record essayist, and the child got the stamp merchant permit in 2013.

The public authority had given an office of paying stamp obligation expense through CFMS AP State Portal for record enrollments.

Dhiraj began paying modest quantity challans and changed them to unique sum challans by making changes to the challans through the photoshop application.

The blamed now paid Rs 1.02 crore identified with 450 challans into the public authority account, and the police started measures to recuperate the remainder of the cash.

The SP applauded the endeavours of the police groups towards capturing the blamed and cautioned for strenuous activity against the individuals who attempted to defraud the public authority in the enrollments.

Vice president serve Dharmana Krishnadas has said they have found ways to forestall inconsistencies considering the phoney challan trick in enrollment workplaces.

He expressed this while partaking in the far-reaching land overview approval program as a feature of Mee Bhoomi – Maa Hami conspire at Malleswaram close to Ongole on Thursday.

The plan was an authentic choice of Chief Minister Jagan to resurvey the terrains in the whole state, and he said while alluding to the Rs 1,000 crore monstrous exercise utilizing the most trendsetting innovation.

He said such an overview was taken up by the British government precisely 100 years back. The appointee CM credited the significant activity to blunders in the land records as for estimations and guides, explanations behind land questions.

Communicating trust in finishing the resurvey by October 2022, he asked authorities to come out with blunder free unadulterated land records in the state.

At the occasion, energy serves Srinivasa Reddy expressed gratitude toward Krishnadas for choosing Malleswaram in the Prakasam region for re-review on a pilot premise.

Authority of Prakasam, Pravin Kumar and joint gatherer (income) JV Murali were available.

Prior, Krishnadas participated in a comparable program at Kavali Mandal. He said the land overview would be held in 166 towns covering 1.65 lakh sections of land, on more than 95,025 review numbers in nine mandalas of Kavali Mandal. This would stop land debates in future, he said.

Kavali official Ramireddy Pratapkumar Reddy, Nellore area gatherer Chakradhar Babu and RDO Seena Nayak were available.


Mahi Gupta
Mahi Gupta
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