Stranger Things in Texas?


 A Demogorgon-like creature was spotted outside a zoo in Texas. Officials asked locals to recognize the creature, which resembled the Demogorgon.

(Demogorgon – A fictional creature from the famous Netflix Show; Stranger Things)

Amarillo, a city in Texas, United States has spotted a figure similar to Demogorgon. The figure appears to be skinny and long, its arms stretched and a claw-like structure is extended from its arms. Its head seems to have no eyes just a flower-like opening. The following photo which was taken from a CCTV camera at a Zoon in Texas describes the image a bit more clearly.

An image from a CCTV camera at the zoo in Texas.

There have been suspicions of the figure having a head like a hedgehog and it just might be a man covered in a weird mask. The officials are questioning the public/locals to distinguish the figure which explains their confusion over the matter too.

Amarillo’s director of Parks and Recreation, Michael Kashuba, reportedly told NBC that city authorities are seeking the public for help to resolve the case. “It’s undoubtedly a strange and interesting image,” Michael stated.

Whether a Demogorgon or a hedgehog, this figure has gained popularity overnight. There are multiple assumptions about this figure, like

“Clearly it is Rocket the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.”


“This is literally sonic the hedgehog”

These were the comments under the official post on Facebook which you can check by clicking on the link below

Stranger Things broke various records as the series with the most hours watched in a weekend premiere. Famous Monuments/Architectures such as the gateway of India, The Empire State Building, and Bondi Beach in Australia were all lit up in order to promote the series.

Gateway Of India
Empire State Building, Manhattan City, New York
Bondi Beach, Australia

The show was a major success as an International series. The fans cannot seem to stop talking about the show. Some say that it is a story based on true events and that the Hawkins lab existed probably the name might differ.

The story writers – The Duffer Brothers admitted that the story is indeed fictional, but the show has some elements based on the true story of the MK-Ultra experiments. As shown in the series the Hawkins lab is conducting experiments against the USSR to develop weapons during the Cold War.

MK-Ultra was a project funded by the CIA for research and experimentation of the human mind in order to unlock the true potential of a human by enhancing the power of the human mind.

MK-Ultra was a true project in which the CIA funded a slew of research institutes around the United States to conduct various experiments on its behalf in the hopes of unlocking the human mind. Some of the people who were the subjects of these experiments would be given chemicals, mainly LSD, to make them vulnerable to persuasion and mental deception in many of these trials.

What if the figure spotted in Amarillo is in fact an escaped Demogorgon? The chances of it being real are rather less but we may never know.

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