Strike at the Port of Felix Stowe threatens to disrupt supply routes


Starting Sunday, about 2,000 dockers at the Port of Felix Stowe will go on strike for eight days, blocking the flow of commodities through the UK’s largest containerized import and export gateway. 

Highlights –  

  • Felix Stowe, England’s last attempted irruption, is bracing for another sea attack. 
  • The strike may interrupt more than $800 million in commerce, according to a data and analytics company. 
  • The Port of Felix Stowe reported on Friday that the Unite union had rejected a request to halt the strike and give capsule accommodations after rejecting an 8% wage rise. 
  • During the Second Anglo-Dutch War of 1667, the failed irruption of Felix Stowe was crushed in less than a day. 

The coastal city of Felix Stowe, the site of England’s last attempted irruption, is ready to take another hit from the sea. Only this time, the issue will be with foreign vessels that do not come ashore. 

Starting Sunday, approximately 2,000 dockworkers at the Port of Felix Stowe will go on strike for eight days, blocking the entry of goods through the UK’s busiest gateway for containerized imports and exports. 

The east seacoast agreement of about 25,000 people is the profitable fellow of the neighboring US anchorages of Los Angeles and Long Beach or the European Union’s premier trade mecca in Rotterdam, handling about a third of Britain’s total vessel volume and an even larger share of direct trade with Asia. 

Shipping companies intend to divert weight around the sentry line, which will add time and expense. 

A.P. Moller- Maersk A/ S, the world’s No. 2 vessel carrier, said last week that two boats will skip regular stops and discharge Felix Stowe-bound entrustments at foreign anchorages before transferring them on when the strike ends.  

Russell Group claims

A data, and analytics business, the strike may disrupt more than $800 million in commerce.  

Though it is too early to assess any larger megahit to growth, businesses are anticipating longer delivery delays and extra costs, which will only harm Britain’s affectation-destroyed economy. 

Before the disruption, Felix Stowe, owned by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison, had begun to minimize traffic that had accumulated as the Covid crisis roiled global commerce, a pattern reflected in shorter dwell times for holders, according to force-chain visibility platform FourKitesInc. 

A strike will almost certainly reverse that progress, it warned, citing comparable labor behavior in cities such as Melbourne and Montreal that increased payload lengths from 15 to 50 minutes. 

No Prizes

Meanwhile, the Port of Felix Stowe announced Friday that the Unite union had rejected a request to end the strike and provide capsule accommodations after rejecting an 8 percent salary increase. 

” The harborage regrets the impact this movement could have on united area force chains,” it said, adding that” there might be no winners” in the combat. 

The unsuccessful irruption of Felix Stowe during the Second Anglo-Dutch War of 1667 was defeated in less than a day in what became known as the Battle of Land guard Fort. 

A quick settlement to the city’s most recent marine conflict is unlikely. 

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