Supreme Court: Plea to Ban the Convicted MPs and MLAs for Lifetime


Politicians convicted for heinous crimes should be expelled from contesting elections in the country where bureaucrats are fired If caught stealing even to Rs.10. The senior advocate Vikas Singh exclaimed while filing the plea for a lifetime ban on the convicted parliamentarians and state legislators.

Chief Justice N.V. Ramana leading the bench in the Supreme Court asserted that the plea leads to a contentious situation with radical outcomes and repercussions.

Chief Justice N.V. Ramana leading the bench in the Supreme Court asserted that the plea leads to a contentious situation with radical outcomes and repercussions.

The apex Court published a 12-page order on Thursday which says that it is crucial to hear the matter at length on a suitable date.

After giving the chance to all the stakeholders to have their say. Heretofore, convicted politicians have been banned from polls for six years.

Need of New Special Benches

The CJI bench revealed that there are places where more than 100 cases are pending. Numerous special CBI courts needed to be established in such places in order to ensure smooth accessibility to the witnesses and de-congestion of existing CBI courts.

The top court governed the Centre and the States to impart High Court infrastructural features to build new CBI courts. The order was issued because of the premier agency submitting a status report in the apex court on August 10.

According to the report, there are 121 cases pending against current and former MP’s in various CBI courts all over the country. The trial against MLAs is also pending in another 112 CBI cases.

37 cases are still in the stage of investigation against MPs and MLAs. The Supreme court expressed its concern for the current state of affairs regarding the big pile of pending cases.

The court ordered the High courts to set up Special/CBI courts wherever required for expeditious disposal of pending trials.

It also took note of the Solicitor General Tushar Mehta giving the assurance to “take up the matter” of the pending investigations and trial involving MPs and MLAs with the CBI director.

The National Investigation Agency August 24 issued a status report that showed that no effective steps have been taken for the pending trials. The CJI bench has asked the CBI to adopt vital strategies securing the appearance of the accused.

It also has to provide necessary assistance to CBI courts for framing of charges to precipitate the conclusion of the cases. The Supreme court had ordered the High courts across the country in September last year also to establish new CBI benches to keep a check on the progress of all the criminal cases against the elected representatives.
The apex court further directed the High courts on Thursday to conclude the pending trials within the time frame predetermined by the previous orders last year.

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