Swara Bhaskar Compares “Taliban Terror” with “Hindutva terror”, Netizens demand



The Twitter trend with #ArrestSwaraBhaskar after the Actress tweeted about the Taliban. From Common people to Bollywood celebrities, Everyone is posting their views on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

So does the Actress posted a tweet that doesn’t go well with the users.

The Bollywood actress speaks her mind. She fearlessly puts her opinions, but sometimes these opinions don’t fit well with Twitter users and lead to controversies.

This time she posted about the Taliban occupying Afghanistan, giving it a religious turn which annoyed many netizens, and they demanded her arrest.

Her first tweet goes with comparing Taliban terror with Hindutva terror and interpreting the hypocrisy of people to deal with both.

Swara Bhaskar Compares "Taliban Terror" with "Hindutva terror", Netizens demand #ArrestSwaraBhaskar

She again rephrased her tweet and condemned the Taliban for his actions and that she doesn’t stand with American imperialism as well.

The Actress gets trolled by trollers for relating Hindutva with terror. People said it hurt their religious sentiments. Thousands of people are asking for her arrest.

Many of them claimed by tagging Mumbai police that they had filed a complaint about the

Actress hurting one’s religious and ideological sentiments and spreading hatred and anger among the public on social media.

Here are some reactions by Netizens

Swara Bhaskar Compares "Taliban Terror" with "Hindutva terror", Netizens demand #ArrestSwaraBhaskar

Her bold statements caused major Controversies.

This is not the first time the Actress faced massive trolling; there have been instances where the trollers targeted her.

Views on Pakistan: During the promotion of her film Veere di Wedding, the Actress criticised Pakistan and called it a failing state.

This contradicted her comments in 2015 when she visited Pakistan; she praised the country in her interviews there. Her statements tempted anger from both sides of the border.

Swara Bhaskar Compares "Taliban Terror" with "Hindutva terror", Netizens demand #ArrestSwaraBhaskar

Padmaavat open letter: The Actress wrote an open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, The director of Padmaavat. She slammed him for glorifying Jauhar.

Her letter brought on tons of reactions on social media, with many people writing that there was no need of creating a controversy here.

Amazon India Controversy: The Actress tweeted in support of the victim of the Kathua and Unnao Rape cases and felt ashamed as Indians.

Swara Bhaskar Compares "Taliban Terror" with "Hindutva terror", Netizens demand #ArrestSwaraBhaskar
Source: Twitter

A couple of days later, the Actress tweeted to be a part of a brand promotion for Amazon India, which triggered the anger of social media users. Later, Amazon deleted the tweet while people targeted to troll Swara.

Kangana Ranaut and Swara’s Twitter war: These ladies are bold in sharing their opinions on the ongoing debate on farmers protests.

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut provoked in an interview what turned into a war-of-words. By using foul mouths for each other, that gave rise to a social media war.

Later, both reacted by their statements on Twitter that lead to the Twitter war.

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