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Switzerland, leading to research capacities and access to the most eligible specialists, is a highly industrialized technology locale.

Ushering groups in the life sciences and engineering areas stimulate the usage of modern, disruptive technologies. They entitle the quick beginning of fresh petitions in an accessible market in the heart of Europe.

We support corporations that are analyzing internationalization as a site for technological invention and forthcoming development.

Gratitude towards versatile high-tech clumps in an effortless vacuum, firms in Switzerland is in a terrific stance to ascertain intimate contact with market managers and invention motorists and try out modern applications in an open market.

Jointly with the Swiss Business Hubs and the cantonal members in Switzerland, we have set ourselves the objective of sustainably expanding different enterprise models and flexible applications, uplifting Switzerland as a country for the international tech society.

We emphasize the future technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics, personalized fitness, blockchain, and progressive manufacturing.

Artificial intelligence

Being an apathetic country, Switzerland can bring on ethical integrity with a long notion of assisting other countries.

We prioritize the best that AI has to give without being negligent towards the industry. Cognitive espionage convenes Swiss morals in main initiatives such as healthcare, financial aids, and mobility.

Switzerland brags a large number of governing AI research organizations to dissipate over a manageable geographical region.

It is a close-knit configuration with real affiliation between key analysis associations and robust industrial performers. With its society, the country clenches the third-highest number of prime AI patents worldwide.

It results in the highly productive transfer of technology, which fetches inventive commodities to the market quickly.


Switzerland is considered the “Silicon Valley of Robotics” for a decent reason. It develops robots of outstanding integrity and accuracy — swiss-made.

Our liberal statute also permits buzzes to be experimented without obstacles, preparing us to be apostles of a digitalized flight network.

Switzerland has an enormous indicator when it appears to be aiding, from the fourth industrial turmoil, driven by new advancements in the technological region.

Its conventional vitality in the sector of mechanical engineering and exactitude manufacturing has shaped the rationale for top-notch research in the field of robotics, attracting tech colossi like Google, Facebook, or industrial participants who attract an enormous pool of professionals and mastery.

Because of its outstanding technical universities, vibrant talent reservoir, and competent ecosystem, Switzerland has constructed the prominence of “Silicon Valley of Robotics.”

Personalized health

In life sciences, we are grateful for our traditional strength. Also well competent for the new era in which statistics and healthcare will communicate. Health will become personalized and digitized.

With prime firms such as Roche and Novartis subsidizing heavily in analysis and advancement, Switzerland gives the perfect environment for visionary groups that expect to shortly and easily put inventions in the arena of digital health and personalized medication on the market.


Decentralization is not only the kernel element of blockchain, but it is also a fraction of our political system’s DNA.
The honesty of our authorities makes us the rational selection for the further advancement of blockchain and DLT in a tokenized frugality.

Switzerland’s decentralized, bottom-up political civilization is realistic equipment for crypto technologies.

The Swiss administrations’ pragmatic attitude has directed to extremely optimistic ailments for blockchain firms, which in turn have built a health ecosystem that facilitates a wide range of the world’s first.

In 2018, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) became the primary controller in the world to publicize detailed approaches on ICOs and sequences for relics.

In 2016, Zug came to be the first metropolis in the world to approve Bitcoin donations for tax bases; in 2018, the fintech company 21Shares, previously known as Amun, undertook the world’s first crypto exchange-traded commodities on the Swiss Stock Exchange; and in 2019, FINMA approved of banking authorizations to Swiss-based SEBA and Sygnum, propelling them the world’s first crypto banks.

Advanced manufacturing

We are world champions of efficiency. Our nation is like an intelligent mini-factory in the heart of Europe, with a globally networked allowance convoy.

The excellent technology area for high-quality generation capabilities to reach millions of clients.

Reasonable output seizes the benefits of high-tech breakthroughs. Various worldwide firms such as ABB, Oerlikon, Hamilton, and Schindler are on the verge of improving their extant generation techniques with digital antidotes in Switzerland.

Its identical pedagogy facilitates in finding highly authorized labourers who can regulate highly technological appliances.

As a high-tech locale illustrated by a close coalition between directing exploration midsts and prudent enterprises, Switzerland is a terrific turning point for efficient allowance chain administration for the European demand or for getting ready highly computerized generation establishments.

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